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Yet another calender-book

By spotogspindel | September 18, 2011

Time flies. And once again it´s time to present a new calender-book. This one is also an accordion-book, I really liked my last one. The biggest advantage with it is that it doesn´t fill up uneven, breaking the back-spine. When it fills, it fills equally on both sides, and just becomes fatter. Very nice indeed. I can put whatever in there, and it is never a problem.

Anyway. Here is the cover. I think I must have shown you this before, but here she is again, Lady Lime, serving her purpose.

A little ribbon tied on the back cover keeps it all together.

The inside is painted with fabric paint, smudged on with a sponge.

The numbers stamped on with acrylics. I´ve been using the same number-stamps in all my books, I must really like them 🙂

Actually, after doing a count, I found that I needed some more paper to make it all the way to Christmas. The main chunk of the book is made of Fabriano water-color paper. So, I found a big, beautiful fashion-catalogue, tore it apart, and made some more pages out of it. October is indeed THE fashionable month for me 🙂

Ah, yes, I´m a bit late in my presentation, I´ve already started using it 🙂 Serving as a calender with dates and deals, inspirations and thoughts and ideas.


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One Response to “Yet another calender-book”

  1. regina Says:
    September 21st, 2011 at 05:38

    I love your little calendar books. I’ve been wanting to try an accordion style journal.