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Viking Prince

By spotogspindel | March 23, 2012

Today is the big day: the Christening of Viking Prince! Eidesvik AS´s new supply-ship.I have made about half of the art onboard, and am very proud to present it to you. The other half  was made by 16 children in the 6th grade at Hasund School and I presented their work yesterday here. So let me take you on a guided tour around the ship.

Why don´t we start in the mess, the main room onboard every vessel 😉 In the mess there is one very big picture inspired by Litle Toralv. The story of a young viking boy from Bømlo.

The ship is for about 15 men, so the mess isn´t all that big. But the picture is 300×80 cm (10 feet wide almost 3 feet high) and it covers most of the main wall.

Next to the mess, there are two lounges, here is a peak into one of them, where there is four pictures.
Summertraining, 60x90cm
Mirror image, 80x80xm
Swords in the gunwale, 70x80cm
Shetland, 60x90cm
And here are a couple of photos to see the art in their environment:
In the lounge right next door you find the Nightsailors, 50x90cm

and Like a Ship in the Night, 60x90cm

The Sun, 60x90cm

Odin at sunset, 60x90cm

This is what it looks like on the walls:

As you can see, there are windows between the lounges and the mess too. This makes all the rooms seem larger and lighter.
If we move down one floor, we get to the game-room. There is a right red leather sofa in here, a welcomed variation from all the usual neutral colors in the interior. So I wanted to make a bright picture to go with it.
The Game, 60x120cm  (This is my favorite picture on this ship)
In the conference room, 3 floors up, are the three copper & brass viking shields. They are HEAVY, and we had a small challenge hanging them. Luckily they look so cool, it was totally worth the extra work.

Unfortunately the lighting is not in place in this picture, so the colors don´t show as vivid as they are in real-life.

First shield with runes in the bottom layer of brass, circles in the second copper layer and lace in the coppertop-layer.

Rippeled metal with stripes in the bottom layer, runes on the second layer and circles in the third layer, all copper.

Stripes on the first layer, spirals in the second layer and stripes in the third layer, all copper.

On the same floor you´ll find the Captain´s cabin:

Playing around, 60x90cm

Orange light, 60x90cm

And on the walls:

Next to him is the Chief´s cabin:

Blue, 60x90cm

T38, 60x90cm

On his walls:

The third cabin on this floor is the stewart´s. He´s got two vikings to keep him company.

Garmand, 40x40cm acrylic on wood

And Hird i Gardariket (Viking warrior in Russia), ca 50x75cm, collage

This is the bridge. There is no room for art up here, but I just wanted to show you anyway. The amount of technology here is amazing. It looks are neat in this picture, but I saw the room before it was finished and know that beneath the floor there is a foot filled with electrical cables going in all directions. It´s a world of so much knowledge, so far away from what I do, I find it utterly fascinating!

A photo from the reception area, with the kid´s pictures above the sofa. As you can see, not everything was ready when I put the pictures up 🙂

Finally, not to forget my very helpful helpers: my dear Dad and Adam, the carpenter 🙂

And thank you, Eidesvik, for this wonderful commission. I do hope the crew will enjoy their new home-away-from-home. May Viking Prince sail the seven seas with pride!

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2 Responses to “Viking Prince”

  1. Linda Abbott Says:
    March 23rd, 2012 at 16:46

    The art is stupendous Janne. You always capture such an incredible spirit of history and purpose with all your installattions. I love every piece and they fit so perfectly with the rooms, the ship and the history of it all. Wow!

  2. Janet Says:
    April 14th, 2012 at 05:38

    Wow – so well done. I like the collages of vikings with vibrant color. Amazing!