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Upcycled pouf

By spotogspindel | December 7, 2019

There never seems to be enough storage-space. So when I found this cute, little pouf, I bought it. It has the delightful characteristic that is is:

1. Big enough for storage.

2. Solid enough for people to sit on when I need an extra seat.

3. It is made of all-natural materials, a wooden frame and woven with water-hyacinths, which can be a problem-plant if not being controlled in parts of Asia.

The seat has foam in it, which is not especially eco-friendly, but makes it very comfortable to use as a stool. The gross cotton-cover was dirty, and poorly stapled on to the original un-bleached cotton canvas (both quite dirty).

After removing both layers, I went through my favorite stack of Chines silk brocades to see which color would best suit the pouf and the rest of the interior.

And here is the After-shot of the pouf, now with a third life (if you count the layers of fabric). Practical and rather beautiful, if I have to say so myself 🙂

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