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Upcycled cupboard

By spotogspindel | November 26, 2019

Our local recycling center has an own department called “Too good to throw away”, where people can put their stuff instead to tossing it in the dump. And others can pick up what they like for free!

Aaaaand I found this wooden commode there and thought “Hmmm, I can do something with this!” I also found the top for another cupboard, and took them both home.

The next day, I got a piece of wood (new) from my local wood-shop, and actually had them cut it into the exact measurements I needed), and some paint in a matte dusty-mint. I removed the handles on the doors, and glued and screwed the extra wood in place between the two part. (Well, I explained to my partner how he was going to do it 😉

Looking through my treasures, I found this wood-cut-ornament, which I had once bought on sale visiting the US at an art-retreat. I thought this would be the perfect time and place to use it!

While looking for the wood-ornament, I found these brass-handles, which I had totally forgotten that I had, and again: perfect time and place to make use of all these things just lying around!

Plastering over the scars of the old handles, before coving it with paint.

I also found a couple of ceramic door-knobs I painted and patinated to make them match the handles.

And here is the finished cupboard! (Sorry, the photos are all so dark). The cupboard was free, doomed as trash, the wood installed coast me about $25 and the paint another $25. The rest of the material I had.

The best part is how incredibly practical it is to have this cupboard in the kitchen! Since it is 100% wood and not a mish-mash of wood-chips and glue, it is solid, and can be used for generations.



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One Response to “Upcycled cupboard”

  1. gail Says:
    January 29th, 2020 at 18:37

    What a wonderful idea for a recycle center! I would have made good use of it during my move last year. Your cupboard turned out beautifully.