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trial and error

By spotogspindel | March 9, 2013

Doesn´t this look like I´m whipping up a curry for dinner, mixing spices?

I´m not. I´m mixing my very own golden yellow dye.

But this “muffin-batch” of resistance IS actually edible. The dye is pure color-pigment, mixed with a potato-starch-based powder mixed with water. I can use it plain white or add color to it. I´m excited to see the result tomorrow of my pale turquoise tree-ornaments.

Part of experimenting in a workshop is the learning of trial and error. Remember this bright mosaic of colors?

This is what it looks like after it´s been fixated. Note to self: DON`T use water to dilute the colors, that will make vibrant colors into mushy pastels. And IF I do it anyway, dry immediately with a hairdryer to avoid the colors running so much into each other.

But no reason to despair, I can continue printing over it in my next experiment.

Part of today´s experiment. 3 meters of printed fabric. It may look ok now, this time I haven´t used water, and I´ve remembered all the right chemicals, but I still have a sneaking feeling there is a lesson waiting for me to be learned tomorrow too…

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