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traveling across fjords and mountains

By spotogspindel | March 21, 2012

“Climb every mountain, cross every sea… ” Isn´t there a song that goes something like that?

National Geographics ranked the Norwegian fjords as the #1 travel-destination in the world a few years ago. And even thought it´s looking a bit grey in the picture above, I think it actually looks kind of stunningly beautiful myself.

Well, in any case, once again I´m traveling over mountains and across fjords, to get to a new ship. All in the name of ART!

On our way from Bømlo to Ulsteinvik, we need to cross 4 fjords, which means 4 ferries. (and a bridge and an underwater tunnel, come to think of it, so 6 fjords then). Because there was so much artwork to bring along (and some of it quite big) I had to rent a pretty big car this time too. The big white one waiting for the ferry.

A few months ago, this is what Viking Prince looked like:

(This is actually it´s sister-ship, due in October, being built in the same shipyard)

And this is VIKING PRINCE!!!

Isn´t he beautiful?!

The Christening is on Friday, so I´ll post all the artwork onboard then. But I´ll give you a peek already tomorrow 😉

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