Janne Robberstad

Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Member of Norwegian Scenographers Association (Norske Scenografer)

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Sustainability coordinator:

2020: “Jul i Svingen” (Christmas in Svingen), Bømlo Teater



2020: 3 stories, Øfsti/Veste Haugland (with Felland)

2020: The Full Monty, Kompani Andersen

2018: “One flew over the cuckoo´s nest”, Bømlo Teater

2017: “Peter Pan”, Haugesund Teater

2016: “Forviklingar i mørkret”(The Black Comedy), Bømlo Teater

2016: “Smørbukk”, (Buttercup) Øfsti/Vestre/Haugland

2015: “Peter Pan”, Bømlo Teater

2015: “Lakselinja” (The salmon conveyor), Bømlo Teater

2013: “Far, far away”, Kristine N. Oma, contemporary dance show USF

2013: “Kim Leker”, Haugesund Teater

2012: “Kardemommeby”, Bømlo Teater 

2011: “Fiddler on the roof”, Stord High School

2008: «We will rock you», Stord highschool

2007: «Rocky Horror Show», Olavskulen

2005: «FAME», Stord Highschool



2018: “Gutta i juletrehytta” (The boys in the Chirstmas-tree-house”), Kilden teater

2014: “Kong Kødd” (King Shit), Scenefortelling

2014: “Perpleks”, Rogaland Teater, HEDDA-winner for Best Show

2011: “Amanda”, Haugesund teater

2011: “Musical highlights/Musikalske høgdepunkt” , Bømlo Teater

2011: “Håkonarspelet”, Nordhordland Kulturproduksjon


2009: “Miss Saigon” Bømlo Musikallaug

2008: «Narnia» Haugesund Teater

2008:«Knudsen og Ludvigsen» Haugesund Teater

2008:«Brytningstid» Bømlo Musikallaug (BML)

2008:«Jeg er min egen kone» Haugesund Teater (“I am my own wife”)

2008:«Over skyene» Haugesund Teater (“Over the clouds”)


2007:«Which witch» Nordhordland Kulturproduksjon

2007: “Citizenship” Haugesund teater

2007:«HONK» Haugesund Teater

2007:«Hallo-adjø» Haugesund Teater


2006:«Dyrenes Karneval» Solveig Andsnes Dance Company

2006:«Sirkusliv» Teater Syklus, Oslo

2006:«Horisonter» Haugesund Teater

2006:«CHESS» Bømlo Musikal Laug (BML)


2005:«Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams» Cherub Company/Finbourough Theatre, London

2005:«Christian Michelsen and 1905» Hordaland Teater

2005:«12th Night» Haugesund Teater

2004:«Les Miserables», BML


2002:«Elisa», ballet for Nuri Ribena

2002:«From Zero to Hero» BML

2001:«Jesus Christ Superstar» BML

2001:«You ain´t heard nothing yet!» Haugesund Teater/ Haugesund Filmfestival

2001:«The Witches» Teater Olavskulen

2000:«STOGG» Betre enn Barbeint- dance-theatre

1999:«Jesus Christ Superstar» BML



2017: “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Haugesund Teater, props

2015: “Grease”, Haugesund Teater, props

2013-2014: working in the set-department at Rogaland theatre

2012: “Mozart”, Rogaland Teater, head of wardrobe