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The truth… honestly!

By spotogspindel | February 28, 2010

Well, thanks for all your comments, and qualified guesses. I´ve been told that the success to a good lie, is to keep as close to the truth as possible. With that said, I´ll guide you through the jungle of truth and lies.

1. My family though my grand-uncle Andy was dead, lost in WW2, until he showed up 30 years later.(true) He´d been part of His Royal Highness´Mermaid Expedition, 1st Batallion.

Andrew, you didn´t think this was true, because Andy had a gold earring. But he did! I was surprised when I saw the photo, because he didn´t have it as an old man. Can you see it?:

Weather or not he was part of the Mermaid expedition remains to be seen, as those documents aren´t official yet. 🙂

2. I had a talking parrot for years. (not true) Then I got a catholic boyfriend (true) who claimed he was allergic to birds, and I had to give him away. But I think he just didn´t like the parrots profane language….

I did have a couple of hens a decade a go. Very social birds! Even though they didn´t talk, they were very good at communicating. Oh, and Justin, boyfriends can be smart and have  lot of personality, too:-)

3. I played a small role in Harry Potter and the Goblets of fire. I had a friend who was a stunt-man in the fighting scenes, and he got me this little gig. (true) All dressed up in costume, hurrying along track 13 at Charing Cross Station. I´m only on for a few seconds, and quite blurry in the back, on the right. (wish it was true)

He is the ex-boyfriend of a good friend of mine in London, and he´s played several small parts in movies. I have yet to be in one…

4. I bought the house my Grandfather built in 1947. (true) When I rebuilt parts of the cellar, a narrow, hidden room was found, filled with old homemade, canned food, water-cans, a radio, blankets and a gas-mask. I also found an old pouf filled with old maps, letters, documents and photos. (not so true)

My uncle on the other side of the family, has a big pile of old documents, some dating back to the 1800-s and I have used some of them in my art, Justin!

5. I´ve tried on the costumes from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and I have a mock-sword used as a prop in the movie “Hero” in my living room.

All true!!! Being the leader of the first foreign group to ever visit Bejing´s (and China´s) biggest film studio, I was given the sword by the director of the studio. It´s above my fireplace in the living-room.

6. I recorded a CD in 1996, called “From the Sea”, with a song-n-bass duo. Myself singing, and a good friend on the bass. (true) The CD sold about 5 000 copies. (unfortunetly not true)

I do have a live-recording of  us at a concert, but there´s only two private copies, as far as I know.

7. I have licenses to drive a car (true), a bus (true, a mini-bus anyway), a sewing machine (true) and a plane (not true).

I wanted to be a pilot, but my eye-sight wasn´t good enough back in the days. So that´s another dream unfulfilled.

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2 Responses to “The truth… honestly!”

  1. Andrew Finnie Says:
    March 1st, 2010 at 02:08

    Ha Ha!

    You just can’t trust anyone, can you? There I was suspecting you as a famous movie extra with several music CD’s under your belt as well as truly believeing you could pilot most types of aircraft…

    Well I just don’t what to say 🙂

    Very impressed with the sword mind you. Will keep burgular’s on their toes, I bet!

    cheers again

  2. spotogspindel Says:
    March 1st, 2010 at 10:42

    I´m sorry to disappoint you, Andrew.

    Come to think of it, I have recorded two records (back in the day before CDs), but were with choirs, so they´re not “mine” in the same way, but I think one of them sold quite good..
    I was on tour with one of the choirs for an entire year. But that´s a different story.

    The sword is just wooden, so I don´t know how many burglars it will keep away. Ha, ha..