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The knitting ferry

By spotogspindel | August 21, 2010

You don´t always need to go far to experience exotic things 🙂

I´ve lived most of my life on my little island, and until 2001 we needed to take a ferry to get to the mainland. After that we got a bridge and the world´s longest underwater tunnel (until the record was broken half a year later by another tunnel slightly longer).

We used to have 3 ferries going from different parts of the island, now we only have one left. I admit, I hardly ever take it. But today was special. Because today it´s not just any ordinary ferry.

Today it was The Knitting Ferry!

From 9 AM to 3 PM anyone can board, pay a return fare, and stay on as long as they´d like, and join in Norges Husflidslags (The Norwegian Handicraft Assosiation) 100th anniversary, by knitting their way across the fjord.

Up in the saloon, the knitters had taken over, even decorating the place with some of their creations. a lot of chatting, and a lot of knitting needles clicking away.

Isn´t this kind of a cute way to display hats? On smiley-faced balloons?

It was my Mom´s birthday, so we joined in, but only had time for one round-trip, as she had another celebration to rush off to. I just managed to get started on a little project. I prefer not to use recipes, but just be creative and try out things. As long as you know the basic technique, there´s no end to what you can do.

Eventually I´m hoping this will be a long scarf. But there´s a long way to go…

(Oh, and it isn´t knitting, it´s crochet. But don´t tell anyone onboard!)

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One Response to “The knitting ferry”

  1. Erin Leigh Says:
    August 22nd, 2010 at 06:45

    this looks like so much fun. i would love to visit your little island in norway one day and ride your knitting ferry. i think about it often 🙂