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The Costume Symposium in Copenhagen

By spotogspindel | April 29, 2012

I´min Copenhagen at a Costume Conference. The Norwegian Opera and the Royal Theatre of Denmark are arranging the event, and around 160 costumiers are attending. 160! I´ve never seen so many costume-people in one place.

Thursday was a common day for all of us, with information on new techniques, presentations of development in the field.

First up was the amazing Thomas Sjølander of Sjølander Embroidery. His machine embroidery was no  less than awesome.

Using Photoshop to program the patterns, he spent more time programming than actually embroidering. The results were stunning, and his work has been used both in theaters and in the film-industry for years.

Next we got a presentation from Copenhagen Fur. I don´t really use a lot of fur in my costumes. If I do, I´ll get something second-hand from a charity-shop. He showed some things that were really nice, some things that were really tacky and some things that were surprisingly funky. And I did learn a lot more about the industry.

We also got presentations on a huge fabric-pattern-printer and the ozone-cabinet. The latter removes all bacteria and bad smells from clothing, with out washing or dry-cleaning with chemicals. Just ozone-gas. It does´t remove stains, but I think it´s on 160 new people´s wish-list for Christmas now! (I wonder how long it takes before it is introduced to the general households?)

And guess what?! We got a big wardrobe-tour of the Danish Roal Theatre. I think it might be the biggest one I´ve seen. HUGE! Here is a peek into a row of rococo-dresses.

Friday was my free-day, so I went with my new friend Lotta Maja from Stockholm and my old friend Tanja to Louisiana. Right outside Copenhagen is a very well acknowledged modern art gallery. I´ve heard about it for years, so it was nice to finally see it. One of the exhibitions was about avant-garde women in the 1920-40s, Sonja Delaunay being one of them.

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