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The Boys in the Christmas tree house

By spotogspindel | November 30, 2018

The Boys in the Christmas tree house, by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, adapted to stage by director Birgit Amalie Nilsen, had it´s  world premiere at Kilden Teater in Kristiansand. I had the costume-design for this wonderful, imaginative, absurd and silly show. With an abundance of quirky characters, there was preferably no limit to our creative challenge. Below are some of the characters in the show, some photos taken by me, some by Kjartan Bjelland at Kilden.

Scenography by the amazing Camilla Lilleengen and Frode Holgersen. We talked about eco-scenography at the start of the process, and they incorporated sustainability in several forms in a lot of  their work. From using natural materials, salvaged materials, reusing and rebuilding things they found at charity-shops, to using non-toxic paints and remnant materials from previous productions.

I tried to do the same with the costumes. Using natural materials as far as possible, making clothes of high quality, that can be used again and again in both this and potentially other shows. We re-made things we found in charity-shops and in the wardrobe, both previous costumes and fabric-remnants and shoes.

But on to the characters:

Andy and Terry are trying to get everything ready for Santa´s visit on Christmas eve.

The preparations include knitting a super-expandable stocking so they can get at least 500 gifts each.

Pia, the animal-loving girl next door, who always has a solution.

Madam Besserwisser, who knows everything (but you still have to ask) and has a corset made of books.

A Ninja-snail, who moves so slow you can´t see it and always gets the job done.

Postman Per returns from the dead with a growling dog on his leg and a big, cold package to the boys.

The angry snowman just melted right down on the floor and all he left was an equally angry puddle.

Some of the 100 Santas that came out of the cloning-machine.

Is it a cat? Is it a canary? No, it´s… a CAT-NARY!

The ever-present penguin, with a wash-board-belly.

Pia is adminestering the rescue-operation.

Our anti-heros are trying to save the day, by dressing up as elves to deliver gifts to all the worlds kids.

Mr. Grevenese likes a good cup of cocoa by the fireplace.

The middle Grevenese-kid and Rudolf who can find the real Santa with his well-developed sense of smell.

Serina, the mer-creature, Terry´s big love, is angry and covered in plastic debris…

Professor Stupido, who wants to dis-invent the world.

The evil snowman-puddle has captured all our heros!

The evil Captain dressed in driftwood from his sunken ship.

Pia, in the latest haute couture from Paris´ Santa collection 2018!

Inspector Buble-wrap is the actual hero of the day!

Santa´s mother, comes to check up on her, in a steam-punk knitted outfit.  Here together with the oldest Grevenese-kid.

The super-expandable stockings are also super-absorbant, and absorbs the evil snowman-puddle.


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