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The 2019 Christmas ornaments

By spotogspindel | December 24, 2019

If you have been following me for a while, you know that every Christmas I make one new Christmas tree ornament. (And that I swap with some of my artist-friends). Why a suitcase?

I wanted the ornament to reflect my 2019, if possible. And a suitcase may or not be representative of that. In the first half, I did travel to Sao Tome & Principe, to Portugal, the US, Greece and the Check Republic. Due to unforeseen circumstances I cancelled  trips to Ireland, Canada and France this fall. However, I went on a different type of journey, where I met a sector of society I didn`t really know much about before, and I can say that I have travelled inside, exploring and discovering new sides of myself. So I think the suitcase fits.

The suitcase(s) are made with a body of CAPA-plates inside (light foam between cardboard-sheets, leftovers given me from my printers). They are then dressed with real leather from deer (remnants from my sofa. It´s all about using what you already have!). The stickers are also old, I found them in a box, carrying my childhood-collection. The metallic add-ons in the corners and the nails/nuts are made with a metallic glue which I also had lying around. So, nothing new, all things just found around the house.

My dear friends Michelle Allen and Karla Dornacker totally inspired me to try needle-punching, and last Christmas I bought a kit from them. I didn´t get around to trying it out before this year though, and it is so fun! The bird below is Michelle´s design. The heart in the back is last years up-cycled needlepoint embroidery (again a remnant from the big embroidery-exhibition)

I do love hearts at Christmas. Probably has something to do with the season. And as a textile person, I did try a couple of other options before landing on the non-textile suitcase. This freestyle machine embroidered silk is covered with faces, all squished together for a family-portrait.

On the back it also states that this is  a “Happy Family”, and it was made with gratitude for my own family who have been so supportive for me always, and especially this fall.

An apricot family-heart in the making.

My first attempt to make an ornament that sums up 2019 for me was this: a crochet spine vertebrae (so not a snow-angel, of that´s what you thought 😉 )

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One Response to “The 2019 Christmas ornaments”

  1. gail Says:
    January 29th, 2020 at 18:44

    I always love your ornaments and the suitcases are perfect. Your talent shows in everything you touch.