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By spotogspindel | May 20, 2013

I live in place where the summer is so rare, that when it comes, you just have to drop whatever you are doing and run outside! We´ve had 25 degrees the past couple of days. The sun has been smiling, everyone is a bit sunburned, the trees have gone from small buds to fully sprung leaves. The wild flowers are covering any grassy spot where the lambs haven´t  been dancing. The magnificent smell of nature! You can almost hear the plants growing!


Even though things are busy, I choose to spend my two days doing the most important thing I can do: spend my time with my little nephew. At 15 months, not able to walk yet, it´s his first first-hand discovery of the outdoors. He´s been outdoor before of course, but always being carried or in a stroller. Now he´s been crawling around on my sister´s big terrace, and I took him to a grassy spot so he could feel the grass under his feet. He is truly discovering! His eyes are big and looking around, almost like a camera, just taking everything in. He is listening to the sounds, the birds, the sheep, the traffic, people. And if he wants to share he points and says “there!”

What a treasure to be there with him, seeing how he´s learning, taking it all in, how he uses all his senses, and how excited he is about it all. I almost feel like I´ve discovered my surroundings all over again, through him.

And that is my point today. How often do we remember to slow down, change our perspective, and re-discover our surroundings. Not often enough I´m afraid. But how much joy and inspiration just waiting for us, if we take the time!

Have a nice day!

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One Response to “summer!”

  1. Tammy Says:
    May 22nd, 2013 at 00:03

    wow! you are so right!! xoxox Missing you sweet friend! Thanks for this post, good truth and I love the picture :o)