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Staging the salmon set

By spotogspindel | April 6, 2015

Today was the move-in day on the stage for The Salmon Conveyor. 900 styrofoam-boxes. 500 meters of blank tape. 36 meters of wax-cloth. 70 square meters rented dance-floors. And about 600 cocktail-umbrellas.


The director, Nina, is using the opportunity to do the jazz-hands-dance behind a row of styrofoam-boxes. These are the actual boxes the salmon is packed in, when being shipped.


Piles and piles of boxes. We needed a lift to get them all in place. The highest rows are almost 8 meters high.


The set itself may seem sane, but it feels more than a little strange to say out loud that we´ve taped the set together. That is CRAZY! Totally insane.  The styrofoam hardly weighs anything, so it actually holds in place with tape. Insane, I tell you. Insane…


It´s coming together. The side-walls are also rows of styrofoam-boxes. The top-curtains are actually cheap kitchen oilcloth, which matches the dance-floor.

The opening is Friday, so I´ll post pictures then of the completed set.

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