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Skandi Seven

By spotogspindel | September 28, 2008

DOF Rederi

The legend of the seven sisters 125x125cm

This picture is hanging in the smokers lounge. Can you see the faces?

The pictures in the gallery below are in the main lounge. Inspired by the ships name: Skandi Seven,  I made a series of pictures showing some of the worlds greatest wonders. From  the original seven wonders, only the Kheops pyramid still exists. The worlds seven NEW wonders were presented through a worldwide, web-based competition last fall. Three of the winners are located in South America, and I haven´t seen them. But I have seen three of the other finalists: The great wall of China, Colosseum in rome, Italy, and Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Among the semi-finalists were Hagia sophia in Istanbul and the Eiffel-tower in Paris. The same web-site has also lanched a competition for the seven natural wonders of the world (the result will be published next fall I think, and anyone can vote), and here the Grand canyon is a strong candidate.


Since I use my own photographs as a base for my artwork, I have picked from all of these three lists, and made my own version. These are seven of the world-wonders I have seen and experienced. I feel very fortunate!








And here you can see the pictures on the wall.

Isn´t the floor and ceiling beautiful?!

These are the pictures in the mess. A series of all seven bridges in Austevoll County, where DOFs head-office is based. I actually photographed these when the head of purchase took me out in his father-in-laws boat. I had asked if he could arrange a boat for me, so I could take pictures from the sea-side. I didn´t think he´d take me himself! But it was an amazingly beautiful day, and he didn´t mind getting out of the office.








The first conference room is decorated by these two pictures from a very old wooden ship I found outside Storebø in Austevoll.

In the smaller conference-room, you´ll find these three pictures.

This tower is outside Søviknes, where the ship was being built. The original photo is taken at midnight, and shows how light the midsummer-nights are in Norway.

In the sky-lounge on the very top, you´ll find a narrow textile picture called “The seven samurais”. Originally the picture was about half a meter longer, but when I arrived to the ship, there was a small box added from top to bottom all along the the wall. Luckily I had a scissors, needle and thread with me, and could alter the picture on site!

My Mom was with me when I was decorating this ship. It´s a long travel, and she´s good company on the trip!

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