Janne Robberstad

Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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This page is an overview of my academic work and efforts.

2018-2022: PhD Bildung and Pedagogical Practices. at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). I am researching the connection between creativity and sustainability in design-processes in educational settings. What happens to the creativity when one is challenged to consider sustainability into the design-process? My personal aim is to learn as much as possible about environmentally friendly or ecologically sustainable materials and design-processes, and how we can achieve a more planet-and people-friendly design and production in all things. No small goal there. But I do believe we can all start where we are, in our own daily lives and at our workplace. Myself, I am promoting sustainable approaches to quality design within the STEAM-education research-projects I am involved in.

2015- 2017: Master degree in Creative disciplines and Learning Processes  at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). My Master thesis is titled Creativity and Ecoscenography in the Global Science Opera.


Research-projects I am involved in:

2016- 20…: The Global Science Opera (GSO), is the main context of my research. I am now the production-manager of the Global Science Opera (GSO). Each year the GSO produces an opera, based on a scientific subject. Around 20-30 countries around the world participate. Students from primary to university-level, collaborate with teachers, artists, scientists and researchers, and create and perform their scenes. And on November 20th (the International Children´s Day) we have a simultaneous premiere on the world-wide stage of the internet! I have taught workshops in Japan, Norway, USA, Brazil, Chile, Portugal and Sao Tome & Principe piloting eco-scenography into the GSO initiative.

2017-2020: CASE stands for “Creativity, Arts and Science in Education”. Since October, 2018 I am the project coordinator of this international Erasmus+ project. Here seven partners from Norway, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland and Lithuania collaborate. My work in CASE includes teaching theatre and eco-design at the summer-school in Greece each summer the project lasts. Read more here.

2019-2022:  GSO4SCHOOL is the Global Science Opera teacher training project. I am the project coordinator of this international Erasmus+ project. Seven partners from Norway, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy collaborate here. My work in GSO4SCHOOL includes teaching theatre and eco-design at the summer-school in Greece each summer the project lasts. Read more here.

Both projects host teacher-training summer school workshops in Greece for teachers all over the world, though mainly from Europe. Both in the GSO, CASE and GSO4SCHOOL (see below) I am working trans-disciplinary with science and arts, so-called STEAM-education. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Both fields are treated as equals, and can learn from each other. You might think they don´t have much in common, but they do! Creativity and curiosity are driving forces in both fields! When I started my work on eco-design (ecologically sustainable design) I found this was the perfect combination of these two fields, as you need the best of both in order to succeed.

2017-20…: Team-member creating the pilot-project Global Hands On Oceans within the Norwegian Research Council project iSCOPE.

(photo from eco-design workshop with teacher in Porto, Portugal)

Conference Presentations:

2019:                “The Global Science Opera – global transdisciplinary education” Key-note speaker at SPACE-conference in Porto, Portugal 30th March, 2019

2019:                ‘Understanding our world through Opera: Increasing children’s engagement with climate change through cross-cultural collaboration’, with Janne Robberstad, 7th EUGEO Congress in conjunction with the 51st Conference of Irish Geographers, NUI Galway, 15 May 2019.



2019:                Chappell, K., Hetherington, L., Keene, H. R., Wren, H., Alexopoulos, A., Ben-Horin, O., Nikolopoulos, K., Robberstad, J. & F.X. Bogner, F. X. (2019). Dialogue and materiality/embodiment in science| arts creative pedagogy: Their role and manifestation. Thinking Skills and Creativity. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tsc.2018.12.008

2018:                Ben Horin, O., Foing, B., Robberstadt, J., & van der Sanden, G. (2018, September). Global Science Operas: Moon Village (2017), Oceans & Climate (2018). In European Planetary Science Congress (Vol. 12).

2017:                Robberstad, J. (2017). Creativity and Ecoscenography in the Global Science Opera (Master’s thesis).

1998 – 2019:      Eiga nettside: www.spindelmaker.com

2016:                A world of Artist Journal Pages: 1000+ Artworks – 230 artists – 30 countries

by Dawn DeVries Sokol, ISBN-13: 978-1617690778, 2 pages with artwork and interview

2016:                co-author Global Science Opera CREATIONS Demonstrator

Ben-Horin, O., Sotiriou, S., Stergiopoulos, P. & Robberstad, J. (2016). Global Science Opera CREATIONS Demonstrator. Available at: http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/edu-object/ghost-particles-global-science-opera-846745.

2016:                           “The Salmon Surveyor” by Janne Robberstad

posted by Tanja Beer, March 21st, 2016 on ecoscenography.com:


and March 27th, 2016 on The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts: