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Pippi Longstocking

By spotogspindel | November 2, 2014

Saturday November 1st was the premiere of “Pippi Long-stocking” If you by chance haven´t read this classic tale of the world´s strongest girl, written by Astrid Lindgren in the 1950s, you should! I think all Scandinavian children know this fun character, it´s part of our upbringing.


Haugesund Theatre´s version is fun-filled, with fun music and smart choreography, and lots of humor, both for kids and grown-ups. In the scene above, Pippi has fled onto the roof of her house from the police. They have come to put her into an orphanage, but since she can´t bring her horse and her monkey with her, she decides she doesn´t want to move!


Mrs. Prusseluski, chairman of the social services decides adopting her might be a better solution, after all, she is a very strong girl, and she can help out with heavy house-chores… Pippi gracefully declines.


When Pippi learns only children who go to school can have  summer-holidays, she decides to start school. After all, it´s only fair that she too gets a holiday! One of the brilliantly choreographed scenes.


Another great choreography is when she attends a coffee-party at her neighbors. All the really posh people are there, and she wants to make a good impression.


Finally her father arrives, a real pirate! One of my tasks for this production was to design and make his costume. His accordion hides a lot of the details in his 17th century-inspired costume. But you can clearly see when’re Pippi gets her outstanding braids from 😉

Translated by Jostein Kirkeby-Garstad
Pippi           Ina Maria Brekke
Tommy       Trygve Fjeldheim Hovelsen
Annika        Ane Gaard Hansen
Adolf/Child/Fru.Granberg/Dukkefører      Martin Leines
Manager/Police/child/mrs      Øystein Kausrud
Police/Fru Zettergren/barn     Elin Gunnarsdotter Sandvik
Mrs Pryselius       Linn Løvvik
Mom/the Teacher Elise Berg-Hansen
Captain Langstrømpe/accordion     Halvor Lillesund
Team Nilsson:
Tristen       Clara-Sofie Bauer-Nilsen
Sjørøvere, skolebarn, markedsbarn, barn….Lily Ane Birkeland, Sarah T. Bjørndal, Eva Victoria Didriksen Leland, Shanin Svendsen, Marie Væhle Balchen, Lisbeth Væhle Balchen, Eline Skogøy, Vilde Bertelsen, Jonas Braut

team Gubben:
Tristen       Eiolf-Leander Haugsnes Vedøy
Sjørøvere, skolebarn, markedsbarn, barn….Samira Johnsen Roth, Oda Gaard Hansen, Maria Vik,Sarah T. Bjørndal, Anna Marie Kåda Lie, Gjertrud Helene Kåda Lie, Maria Kolseth Johnsen, Kristina Romseland, Mathias Aase.

Creative team:
Director  Jostein Kirkeby-Garstad
Scenography  Bjørn Grønnerød
Costumedesign   Mia Koch
Costumedesign, “Kaptein Langstrømpe” Janne Robbestad
Music Jens Thoresen
Sound    Stig Morten Sørheim
Light    Joakim Foldøy
Makeup       Anne Stålegård
Director assistent      Vilde Lundal Rossebø
Dancecaptain     Elise Berg-Hansen

Stagemaster   Mie Moe Gofjeld
Technical Stagemaster       Torleif Helvik
wardrobe/props         Janne Robbestad
Vocal rehearsal         Ingvill Halsnes Århus
Sound & digital landscape Kirkeby og Parmann
Produktionsleader         Monika S. Bjerke

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