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By spotogspindel | January 24, 2014


(photo: Stig Håvard Dirdal)

Perpleks opened Friday night. It´s a funny-weird little show that is impossible to put in just one category.

Written by Marius von Mayenburg and translated by Thomas Bjørnager

Directed by Glenn André Kaada

Set-design and composer: Arne Nøst

Costume-design: Janne Robberstad

Lighting-design: Torill Lund Sævland
“Ingrid”: Ingrid Rusten
“Ragnhild”: Ragnhild Arnestad Mønness
“Øystein”: Øystein Martinsen
“Svein”: Svein Solenes
A couple returns home from a holiday, where a couple of friends have been house-sitting. Or have they? They act like if it´s their home, and maybe it is, because didm´t they have a different sofa-table? And a cat? And that plant was never there before?


The characters in the show change roles and relationships with each other continuously, but you hardly notice until after a while, and it is quite confusing.


It is actually done on purpose by the author, to confuse the audience. It´s part of his idea for the show.


The actors start out in normal clothes, they are just ordinary people.


Svein constantly without clothes, getting some brilliant philosophical ideas in the shower.


Øystein above as an 8-year old boy who didm´t succeed in getting his judo-belt.

Some ghosts are found in the closets of a summer-house….


There is also a costume-party in the middle of the show, based around the theme: Nordic nights.


Øystein as a down-hill-skier…


Ragnhild as a valkyrian viking!


Svein as a moose. And ingrid as a…


Her head is exploding in a cloud of ash! Her arms are streams of lava running down her rocky mountainous body… she´s an Icelandic volcano, of course!


What goes on behind the couch between the moose and the down-hill-skier?


Well, it certainly seems to slow down the feel-goo-vibe of the party…


Ingrid always though someone was watching her.

Nietsche visits, the backstage-crew starts taking the set down, the director is gone, the stage master takes a break.


This is a show with lots of food for thought, if you have the chance, you should absolutely see it! The director and the actors have made such a brilliant show! And I am so honored to be part of this great team!!

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One Response to “PERPLEKS”

  1. gail Says:
    January 29th, 2014 at 05:45

    What fun! You guys do the coolest things. 🙂