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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Viking Energy – renovation!

By spotogspindel | January 23, 2020

I am so excited, I just have to share the news with you. Eidesvik´s offshore vessel Viking Energy, built in 2003, is about to be renovated into the world´s first 100% emission-free offshore-vessel. (click on the picture for Norwegian news-article)

The new fuel will be made of ammonia, which only lets out pure nitrogen and water. I really do get excited when new technology and innovation brings forward such great answers to our climate reality chalenges.

The part that makes me even a bit more excited is that I have art onboard this ship! It was one of the first Eidesvik-ships I made art for, and I still remember sewing on the texts onto the pictures I had made. (click on the picture below, and it will take you to the original post in 2003)

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Inside the calendar-book

By spotogspindel | January 8, 2020

I said in the last post that I wanted to add color to my days. The base-color is is just that: a base. After the book is bound, I start adding all the collage, mainly around the edges, before stamping the dates on. A lot of the collage-material comes from Teesha and Tracy Moores´s Artstronauts-club, some from magazines, postcards, tickets, receipts, whatever crosses my daily-life-path.

Still the pages are only half-finished. As time goes and I use the calendar, I add doodles and more color with crayons, paint, stamps, and of course notes on meeting, to-do-lists, etc.

what do you do to add color to your days?

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New calendar-book.

By spotogspindel | January 7, 2020

It´s been a couple of years, since I last made my own calendar-book, and I´ve missed it. So when my old calendar now finally was finished, I wanted to add some color to my life again. The hard-covers are left-overs from making this corset-costume last year fro Madame Besserwisser in the Boys in the Christmas-tree-house.

So the cover decides the size, which is rather big, about 27×17 cm. The back is used in the corset, so here I have chosen to use one of my salmon-leathers gifted me by my mother a few years ago.

I used artist-paper that I paint with textile-colors and a sponge. That way, the color is translucent, dries quickly and does not stick once its dry, and not the thick acrylic. The acrylic I can use later on to add details, stamps or such, but not as a base-color.

Sewing down the back-spine to strengthen it before binding the pages on. Notice the back pocket. I am using remants of fun hand-dyed quilting fabric bought at an Art & Soul-retreat in the US.

To give it even more strength, I add a piece of linen fabric before binding. This is later hidden when the book is glued together.

From experience, the pages tend to fill out more through use, so I´ve been generous with space when binding them.

Yes, well. A reminder to stay humble is always in its place…


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The 2019 Christmas ornaments

By spotogspindel | December 24, 2019

If you have been following me for a while, you know that every Christmas I make one new Christmas tree ornament. (And that I swap with some of my artist-friends). Why a suitcase?

I wanted the ornament to reflect my 2019, if possible. And a suitcase may or not be representative of that. In the first half, I did travel to Sao Tome & Principe, to Portugal, the US, Greece and the Check Republic. Due to unforeseen circumstances I cancelled  trips to Ireland, Canada and France this fall. However, I went on a different type of journey, where I met a sector of society I didn`t really know much about before, and I can say that I have travelled inside, exploring and discovering new sides of myself. So I think the suitcase fits.

The suitcase(s) are made with a body of CAPA-plates inside (light foam between cardboard-sheets, leftovers given me from my printers). They are then dressed with real leather from deer (remnants from my sofa. It´s all about using what you already have!). The stickers are also old, I found them in a box, carrying my childhood-collection. The metallic add-ons in the corners and the nails/nuts are made with a metallic glue which I also had lying around. So, nothing new, all things just found around the house.

My dear friends Michelle Allen and Karla Dornacker totally inspired me to try needle-punching, and last Christmas I bought a kit from them. I didn´t get around to trying it out before this year though, and it is so fun! The bird below is Michelle´s design. The heart in the back is last years up-cycled needlepoint embroidery (again a remnant from the big embroidery-exhibition)

I do love hearts at Christmas. Probably has something to do with the season. And as a textile person, I did try a couple of other options before landing on the non-textile suitcase. This freestyle machine embroidered silk is covered with faces, all squished together for a family-portrait.

On the back it also states that this is  a “Happy Family”, and it was made with gratitude for my own family who have been so supportive for me always, and especially this fall.

An apricot family-heart in the making.

My first attempt to make an ornament that sums up 2019 for me was this: a crochet spine vertebrae (so not a snow-angel, of that´s what you thought 😉 )

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Welcome Home!

By spotogspindel | December 23, 2019

My dear sister Astri is back with her interior-shops Welcome Home, and therefore our Christmas tradition is also back. The tradition on December 23rd, where she runs the shop, and I help wrap gifts. It´s such a wonderful treasure to work side by side, spending time together. Here together with her husband and daughter who also work in the shop parttime.

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Halsnøy monastery souvenirs

By spotogspindel | December 17, 2019

Halsnøy monastery asked me to ake some more small pouches as souvenirs, and l had this fabric made especially for them. The first is based on the old wallpaper inside the main house, with the old seal as a the main feature, along with the text, also found there. It´s a small pouch, a practical size for coins and notes.

The slightly bigger one is also based on the very characteristic hand-printed wallpaper in the main-house. And again, very practical for computer-cords, external hard-drives… or make-up.

Both pouches are made from organic cotton, and designed by Spindelmaker.

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Upcycled pouf

By spotogspindel | December 7, 2019

There never seems to be enough storage-space. So when I found this cute, little pouf, I bought it. It has the delightful characteristic that is is:

1. Big enough for storage.

2. Solid enough for people to sit on when I need an extra seat.

3. It is made of all-natural materials, a wooden frame and woven with water-hyacinths, which can be a problem-plant if not being controlled in parts of Asia.

The seat has foam in it, which is not especially eco-friendly, but makes it very comfortable to use as a stool. The gross cotton-cover was dirty, and poorly stapled on to the original un-bleached cotton canvas (both quite dirty).

After removing both layers, I went through my favorite stack of Chines silk brocades to see which color would best suit the pouf and the rest of the interior.

And here is the After-shot of the pouf, now with a third life (if you count the layers of fabric). Practical and rather beautiful, if I have to say so myself 🙂

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Advent 2019

By spotogspindel | December 1, 2019

Maybe you, just like me, really enjoy Christmas and want o make the most of this time of waiting – the advent.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to a post I wrote back in 2010-2011, where I basically aim to celebrate everyday, by noticing and appreciating what is around me. Feel free to use or to be inspired to make your very own advent calendar. This year I will do one of the things suggested each day, and you are welcome to following me on Instagram @spindelmaker where I will post my advent celebrations (click mandarin-photo for link).

But since I am here, let me share the first of December with you:

1. Yay! Finally! You can open the first present in your Advent-calender.

2. Find your Christmas decorations and decorate a little bit every day.

3. Buy fruits and make a big bowl of fresh fruit. Get mandarins! The smell is enough to get me in a Christmas-mood any day! And they taste so yummy!

4. Then invite friends over for a creative Christmas-making event. It might be a good idea to have this planned ahead, so everyone knows what to bring. (I have this one saved for tomorrow this year)

I appreciate comments on how you are celebrating your day! 😀

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Family-life in the lighthouses in Sør-Trøndelag

By spotogspindel | November 27, 2019

My family-life at the Light-house exhibition visited Kystmuseet (The Coastal Museum) in Sør-Trøndelag Museum this fall. Unfortunately I wasn´t able to travel and see it myself, but the museum kindly shared some photos of the exhibition with me.

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Upcycled cupboard

By spotogspindel | November 26, 2019

Our local recycling center has an own department called “Too good to throw away”, where people can put their stuff instead to tossing it in the dump. And others can pick up what they like for free!

Aaaaand I found this wooden commode there and thought “Hmmm, I can do something with this!” I also found the top for another cupboard, and took them both home.

The next day, I got a piece of wood (new) from my local wood-shop, and actually had them cut it into the exact measurements I needed), and some paint in a matte dusty-mint. I removed the handles on the doors, and glued and screwed the extra wood in place between the two part. (Well, I explained to my partner how he was going to do it 😉

Looking through my treasures, I found this wood-cut-ornament, which I had once bought on sale visiting the US at an art-retreat. I thought this would be the perfect time and place to use it!

While looking for the wood-ornament, I found these brass-handles, which I had totally forgotten that I had, and again: perfect time and place to make use of all these things just lying around!

Plastering over the scars of the old handles, before coving it with paint.

I also found a couple of ceramic door-knobs I painted and patinated to make them match the handles.

And here is the finished cupboard! (Sorry, the photos are all so dark). The cupboard was free, doomed as trash, the wood installed coast me about $25 and the paint another $25. The rest of the material I had.

The best part is how incredibly practical it is to have this cupboard in the kitchen! Since it is 100% wood and not a mish-mash of wood-chips and glue, it is solid, and can be used for generations.



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