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new possibilities

By spotogspindel | January 1, 2012

I never have new years resolutions. But never a rule without an exception (Norwegian saying).

This coming year I want to be a little bit more environmentally conscious. In the sense that I will simply buy less clothes, recycle the ones I have, either for myself, or give away to charity. I just read an article that encouraged this. Here are some of the facts:

Producing 1 kilo (2,2 pounds) of cotton demands no less than 10 000 liters (2 641 gallons) of water.

The cotton-production also uses 24% of the world´s pesticides.

67% of all textiles are synthetic based on oil. Oil is a natural, non-renewable energy-source rapidly decreasing.

The UN´s minimum-standard says that everybody has a right to 8 new pieces of clothing a year (from head to toe). In Mosambique the average-number is 2. In Norway 34, and in the US 69.

This year I commit to:

– not buying any garment for myself whatsoever in synthetic fabrics. (I hardly ever do anyway, so this shouldn´t be hard) Only natural fabrics from now on (mainly silk & wool)

– turn my attic into my own private second-hand store, and re-use some of all the cool clothes I have up there. (this could be fun!)

– if I want something new, I will either re-make & up-cycle something I already have OR make it from scratch. Making something takes longer time than buying it, which means I will appreciate it more!

– I am allowed to buy some new things, but only in natural fibers

– donate a big box of clothes that don´t fit me anymore to charity

– donate fabric scraps to a school or kindergarden


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One Response to “new possibilities”

  1. gail Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 18:48

    Good plan! My sister says that I actually should buy LOTS of new clothing since my wardrobe is so outdated, but I agree that most of us have way more than we need. I do have some synthetic things – mostly fleece, which is made from recycled plastics. The natural-fabric girl inside me (mostly cottons) is horrified by poly-stuff, but the cold-and-shivery part of me loves my fleece! Happy New Year, Janne. I look forward to seeing the beautiful things you will create.