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Making apple-drink

By spotogspindel | October 31, 2009

Those who know me, know that I am not the greatest housewife. But there is one domestic thing that I am quite good at. And that is making apple-drink. Or “saft” as it´s called in Norway. Anyway. Being an apple-patriot (I have three trees in my garden), I´d thought I´d take you through the recipe. It´s hysterically easy. 

First you need apples:


Cut them in 4 or 6 or 8, depending on how big they are. Fill a big pan (about 10 litre-size) and add 1,5 litres of water.

Bring them to a boil, and let them boil until they are all mushy:


Have them over in a strong linen-cloth over a big bowl. Probably a good idea to use a cloth intended for this purpose:


The juice will flow through, and into your bowl. Leave it at least three-four hours, to let as much as possible of the juice run through. But don´t be tempted to “help” by pushing the apples towards the linen. 


Put it back in the pan and bring it to a boil again. You might want to be near the stove and stir every once in a while, so it doesn´t stick to the bottom of the pan, and the whole thing tastes burned.

Once it´s boiling, take it off the heat and add sugar while you stir. You need about a kilo sugar for 8 litres of juice. Or less. Depends on your taste. Come to think of it, I prefer less… Maybe half a kilo is enough. 


I re-use old wine-bottles (and such) with a screw-cork, a metal pourer, and the little funnel.

Before pouring, make sure the bottles are absolutely clean. Fill them with as hot water as possible from the tap, and leave it to warm the glass. That way they won´t break when you pour the juice into them.


Pour almost all the way to the top, screw the cork real tight, and lay them down. If there is no air under the cork, they´ll keep much longer. I´ve had some bottles or years, and they are just fine, even though there are no preservatives in them.


Mix the juice with 2/3 of water, and serve cold. Delicious!


This years production from my sister´s tree. A couple of years ago I made 70 litres from my three trees!

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3 Responses to “Making apple-drink”

  1. Julia Kelly Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 00:28

    thanks for stopping by moonflower musing- I have my left over apples that we are not eating past enough- I am going to try this! thans for the recipe!!

  2. lisa mertins Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 01:06

    oh janne! this looks like something i can do since i live close to apple orchards and have a prolific tree in the yard. you’ve inspired me to go get some apples. thanks 🙂

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    November 15th, 2009 at 17:22

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