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making a silkscreen

By spotogspindel | March 14, 2013

The day has come! Finally I will learn how to make a silkscreen!

Remember this girl? I used the same girl on my screen, quite a bit bigger than the mini wooden version, and much more precise in the lines. Unfortunately I don´t have any photos from the dark room where I had the light-sensible emulsion on the frame. So we skip to the second darkroom, where the frame will get it´s motif. I had two copies of the same motif on transparent plastic sheets (from a photocopier), and taped them down on the back of the frame.

This huge apparatus is a specialty frame-making air-suction thingto keep the frames in place while they are being exposed to the light.

Here is the original on transparency-plastic and the negative image on the frame.

Now of course making the frame is tremendous fun in itself, but the real point of making it is to make prints. So here are some of my experiments, all on thin silk:

This is definitely work-in-progress. Experimenting with layering of colors and patterns, cutting out paper-“shields” to protect the parts I want to remain white, and so on.

Here they are again after I´ve steamed them. Note to self: DON`T cook silk (or wool) in water after rinsing out the color-rmenants. Cellulose-based fibers can take this, but keep stirring, and only cook for about five minutes. IF I break all these rules at once, the colors will bleed onto the white in between, and basically all over where the fabric has been in touch with itself… Wow! All the things I can learn in one round! Good thing. Tomorrow I´ll show you another similar project where I really needed this knowledge!

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One Response to “making a silkscreen”

  1. Kate Says:
    March 23rd, 2013 at 16:39

    Oh that’s so cool!