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Making a new old world

By spotogspindel | October 23, 2015

Building a world, one stage at a time…

_MG_8157 _MG_8166 _MG_8225  _MG_8230

The pictures above start Sunday evening and end Tuesday evening.

Below is the finished set, just waiting to be played with by the actors! And I cannot say this loud enough: I couldn´t have done it without my fantastic building-team: Joakim, John Olav, Erling and my dear dad, Odd. THANK YOU!!!

I also owe thanks to all the crew who came to help me paint all the books. Phew! What a job! (Most of the books are fake, four of the sections have real books and props) And the prop-ladies, Martha and Birte. It´s a pity the picture is so small, there´s a life-size flamingo in there, made from scratch, and the big coat-of-arms.


When I post this Peter Pan has come and gone. I´ve about 580 photos from the show, and I need some time to actually go through them. But I can reveal that it was just as busy and even more fun than we expected it to be. And the audience really appreciated it! Which is always a big reward in itself. 🙂

It was a treat to work with in itself too. This library-jungle-sailingship-library! Making hidden doors, disguising portraits of the pirates and real crocodiles in between all the books. Axel made the magic happen with the lights (even if there was a seven-meter-high tree in the way).

It is a lot of work to build a set this size for just 4 shows. It´s insane, really. So we are ecstatic to learn that the set has been bought and will be used by another theatre. Which means it will all be recirculated, nothing will thrown away this time either! The tree has been cut up, and will be used as fire-wood, the set is going to another theatre. The costumes were mainly used, either form our own wardrobe, or bought from second-hand-shops and altered. The props were either privately owned, lots of books were given from the library (they were going to throw them away)… so I must say as a big bonus, it´s a pretty eco-friendly build after all.

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One Response to “Making a new old world”

  1. Siri Says:
    October 24th, 2015 at 15:21

    Eia var vi der… Godt jobbet! 🙂