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London opera

By spotogspindel | June 22, 2010

My last days in London for now, started with an outing, taking the train down to Fareham and Portsmouth,

looking at an old medieval castle (don´t you just adore the English countryside?)

and ships, (hm. somethings wrong with the quality of the pictures here)

and visiting friends.

For a last-night spectacular, we went to the Royal Opera, and saw “Carmen” .

And spectacular it was! I´ve never seen the opera before, but knew much of the music. Once again the set was really good, and the costumes for the gypsies (as seen o the picture) were great. Some of the other costumes were rather distracting for me. I didn´t like the 1880s bustle-dresses in something that was happening in the 1850s. But I realize I might be too much of a nerd right now.

The opera in England has a great tradition of getting the art out to the public. The tickets are often between £ 160-£190, which is way too much for a lot of people. But if you show up the last day, you can get great tickets that haven´t been collected for as low as £10. That way everyone gets a chance to enjoy culture!

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