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London: Love never dies

By spotogspindel | June 18, 2010

I´m in my favorite city in the world for the weekend: London! 

Visiting my dear friend Freya, an excellent costume-designer, we´ve decided to indulge in art and culture this weekend. For us that will most probably include lots of costumes.And where better to find costumes than the theatre?

We started of last night with the number one talk-of-the-town in musical-circles now a days: Andrew Lloyd Webber´s sequel to Phantom of the Opera, “Love Never Dies”. 

Wow, all the things you can do with a nearly unlimited budget! There are so many things to say about the show, it had so many qualities, showed so much talent! Beautiful music, wonderful singers/actors, especially the young boy and the Phantom himself. The costumes were georgeous of course.

But once again, the true winners of my heart are the set-designers in collaboration with the special-effects-department. I´d love to have that chandelier with all the singing Medusa-heads and all the dancing snakes! Or the walking tray-table, half woman, half-skeleton. But also the strange perspectives, the Art Nouveau-architectural-ornaments, the solid sets that all of a sudden liquified and disappeared, the running horses in the smoke… BRAVO!!!

Photography isn´t allowed, so I don´t have any pictures to show you. Hm. Guess that means, you´ll just have to go see the show yourself! 🙂 It´s well worth it!

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One Response to “London: Love never dies”

  1. alexcastroferreira Says:
    June 18th, 2010 at 14:14

    sounds like you are having a lot of fun good for you. i lived in london for a year and love it was staying in a convent run by nuns of course in high street kensigton good memories. xo