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London fringe

By spotogspindel | June 19, 2010

Second day in London, and I´m filling up on inspiration. The V&A has a wonderful theatre-design exhibition hidden way back on the third floor. 

There were a couple of costumes there from The Lion King. I really appreciate the chance to see extravagant costumes up-close, because there are so many details you don´t see when you sit in the back of the theatre.
The picture above is the Lion king´s costume, with lots of leather-details.

Lots of head-wear in another part of the exhibition. I just think the Sidney-opera-house-hat is hysterically funny! It was made for Dame Edna.

In the evening, we saw a fringe-theatre show that Freya had the set- and costume-design for. The Knickerbocker Glories is a trilogy of suffragette-comedies. It was amazing to see what she had magically whipped up on an almost non-existent budget. A complete set and 19 costumes for a couple of hundred £s. She really did a great job.

Such a contrast to yesterdays show, where money obviously wasn´t a subject. I like the opportunity to see different shows at different venues. The big, commercial musical, and the fringe political comedy.

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