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London: color and culture

By spotogspindel | August 5, 2010

Color and culture. Well, I can´t go to London without going to the theatre. This time I saw two shows at the National Theatre (not musicals!).

The first one called Warhorse, from WW1, about a boy and his horse, how they both go to France to fight in the war. An extraordinary show. You can see how they made the horses on the picture below, a puppet I guess, but what you can´t see is how credible and live-like they were in every movement. Have a look at the trailer, will you?

The second show was also a historical piece, this time from the French Revolution: Danton´s death. “Where self-defense ends, murder begins”. Danton is played by Toby Stephens, an excellent actor, who it was a joy to see live.

I´ve seen a lot of theatre, and a lot of tricks of the trade, but I´ve never seen such a beheading before. The guillotine was sharp, and the heads were rolling, and I was wondering if they needed new actors for every show! Luckily all the actors came out to receive applause a minute later, all with their heads back on…

As for color, let´s head on over to one of London´s most colorful places: Neal´s yard.

This alternative, eco-friendly, vegetarian back-yard in the middle of Covent Garden is the perfect place for a healthy lunch. Or dying your hair blue.

You can´t go to London, home of Bangsy,  without appreciating the street-art.

Another favorite place in London is Camden Market. There are 4 reasons I love this place:

It´s big, bold and beautiful! Did I mention colorful?

It really is BIG!!! I mean huge. And it seems to grow even bigger every time I go there. They´ve restored and expanded quite a bit since the fire last year. These picture don´t do justice to the place, as it just shows a tiny part of the market.

If I were 20 tears younger and a hard-core goth, I´d do all my shopping here. They also have loads of vintage, retro, techno, leather and lace (lots more lace this year) rock, hippie, eco-chic…. and that´s just the clothing. There´s also arts and crafts and all sorts of stuff, a big furniture section, jewelry, antiques, books… If you were to take your time and visit every stall, I think you´d be here at least two to three full days.

This is part of the food-stalls area. You can get food from pretty much everywhere, but I think Asian food is in the lead.

It´s not only the stands in the market that bring color, it´s the people. This is where you still will see mohawk-punks, pierced and tattooed bodies, artists and designers from all areas mixed with the tourists.

Oh yeah, and talking of markets, Portobello is another classic. Camden´s main day is Sunday, Portobello is Saturday. I was there Monday and Tuesday. No problem. Less people, less stalls, but still plenty to see and do. Portobello has more antiques than Camden, and less punks and techno, but I prefer both!! 😉

Wait, here is another tip:

This book contains all the markets, vintage-, retro-, charity-shops you´ll need. And then some.

After checking out my favorite places, I decided to see some parts of London I hadn´t seen before, and took the tube to Angel. The antique-market here wasn´t open the day I visited, but I found some fun shops. Like the one below:

AfterNoah also sells online. So does loop, where they have the most incredible yarn for knitting and crochet. Oh, and Annie´s Vintage Costume and Textiles. OMG! She had a lot of treasures!

London has always been, and still is, my very favorite city. So full of life, art, history, soul… I simply think it´s:

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2 Responses to “London: color and culture”

  1. michelle Says:
    August 6th, 2010 at 16:50

    ohhhhhh, i SO WANT TO GO to London with you!!!! Looks so super fun. You are one inspiring and adventurous lady Janne 🙂

  2. TrüSka Says:
    August 9th, 2010 at 22:36

    Oh Wowww! How i miss London! Seing your pictures… I have to go back!!!!! : ****