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Lindesnes Exhibition

By spotogspindel | July 30, 2013

Finally, here is a presentation from the exhibition in Lindesnes! I am so honored to have this exhibition, I am simply so happy they asked me!


The exhibition itself is in a mountain-hall, part of the museum is carved into the mountain, hence the name. In this room though, the walls are concrete. First, a little over-view of the walls:


You may recognize some pictures from the Mostraspels-exhibition in between, but at least half the pictures are new, made especially for this show.


This is actually a small “teaser” exhibition, the real, big one will be next summer. I´ll tell you more about that below.


I was afraid I didn´t have enough pictures with me, but we really did fill all the walls! 🙂


On the last wall, all the light-towers I´ve visited the past few years.


Outside the exhibition-room, I hung another few pictures. The one above is from Slåtterøy, Bømlo.


As I mentioned, next summer, I´ll make a themed exhibition, especially for Lindesnes, called “Family-life on the light-towers”. I´ve started working on this, as we wanted to make a little “teaser”.

Many lighthouse-keepeers had their families with them. And I´ve been working visually with the thoughts on how life was for these women and children, who lived long periods at a time very isolated.


Marinated Seagulls, 30x40cm

I think they must have been strong characters, being self-sufficient ad creative. The picture below shows a wife who´s just gone out to get dinner! I think this picture actually says a lot more than a thousand words! 🙂


“Seagulls for dinner”, 60x80cm

Most days were ordinary, working days. But every now and then, it was a Sunday, where they´d go to the mainland, to attend church and other events.


“Psalm Sunday on socks”, 60x80cm

I mentioned being self-sufficient. Most light-houses had their own kitchen-garden, where they grew potatoes, vegetables, some berries and fruit.


“The kitchen garden curiosa”, 60×80 cm

And the children! How did they spend their days? They had home-schooling, lots of chores, and not a lot of friends to play with (most likely just their siblings)


“Laura, Bruno and the world”, 60×80 cm

Above is  young Laura, who lived at Lindesnes in the early 1920s. She is here taking the cow, Bruno, out of the barn.


“The secret garden”, 40×40 cm

I also made a little series of different light-towers I´d visited or seen the past 2-3 years:


“High-tide in Haifa, Israel”, 40×50 cm


“Flower-power at Obrestad”, 40×50 cm


“Landmark Lindesnes”, 40x50cm 


“Low tide at Lista light”, 40×50 cm


“Slåtterøy light house”, 40×50 cm

I also made some new coastal-romantic pictures without lighthouses in them:


“I spy with my little eye”, 40x50cm


Oh, wait, here´s one more. This is Olaus Blekum, who was the light-house keeper at Lindesnes in the late 19th century. I took him out of the photographer´s studio, and put him back where he belonged: in the light-house. (Now tell me, isn´t that a fascinating mustache?!)


“The sextant”, 40×50 cm


“Feet wet, dry hair”, 40×50 cm


“Soaring slightly above water”, 40×50 cm


 “The sea´s garden, seaweed del.”, 40 x50 cm


“The hard-core herring-girls”, 40x 50 cm


“If I were a rich man”, 40×50 cm 


I also had a few of my pictures in the light-house souvenir-shop, some photo-collage canvas and some oxidized copper houses.


And a whole pile of tote-bags! The front is a picture of “Seagulls for dinner” and the back has the text

You need a strong heart to endure great risk and great love

Thank you for visiting! If you are near Lindesnes, the exhibition will be there until October 13th.



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2 Responses to “Lindesnes Exhibition”

  1. Siri Says:
    July 31st, 2013 at 17:53

    Utrolig fine bilder med spennende historier! Masse lykke til med utstillingen! 🙂

  2. Kate D Says:
    July 31st, 2013 at 22:02

    Wow! Amazing work! There are so many pieces…absolutely wonderful!