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Las Vegas and then some!

By spotogspindel | April 9, 2010

We started the day with an outing to Red Rock outside Las Vegas. I know it looks small, trust me, it is WAY bigger than it seems!

Rock-climbing is SO much fun! I have to remember to start doing more of that at home…

Silje Marie is “King of the world”!

Just for fun we had a little photo-shoot in between the rocks.

We continued being silly, camera in hand, at Silje´s back-stage tour for me at the Circe du Soleil at Treasure Island. Here she is in her wardrobe. Circe is quite an international venue, with acrobats, dancers, musicians from Ukraine, China, Belarus, Canada, Brazil, Russia, U.K., South Africa, just to mention a few. Silje-Marie is the only Norwegian, and she got the job after Circe had had auditions all over the world. In other words: she is unique!! :-) In addition she is a wonderful person with lots of laughter and smiles, and I am so proud to be her friend!

Part of Silje´s $19 000 costume.

That´s a lot.

I´m sure I could do it for less :-)

Why don´t I work for Circe du Soleil?!?

This one´s for you, Axel! Is it a Super Trouper?

The stage seen from above. Some of the gymnast-acrobats were rehearsing before the show.

You´d think this was plenty excitement for one day, wouldn´t you? Well, I managed to squeeze some more excitement into it:

This is definitely a first! And a solid consolation-prize for not becoming an astronaut!

The Hoover-dam, seen from above (he, he…)

Recognise the boots? They´re mine! They´re mine! I´m flying!!!

This is where they made the old western-movies with John Wayne and Roy Rogers. And where Jesse James had a hide-out ranch.

Pretty, huh?!

The Grand Canon at sunset.

Safe and sound back on the ground. Happy and exhausted from impressions.


One Response to “Las Vegas and then some!”

michelle Says:
April 9th, 2010 at 17:49how stinkin’ fun Janne!!! i can’t believe you went up in a helicopter. that is awesome. your friend is beautiful and looks equally as fun as you. your pictures on the rocks make me want to go there.

Jenea said:

Just-Wowwwwwwwwwww! =)

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