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knitted hats

By spotogspindel | February 18, 2016

Since it is well after Christmas, I suppose I can reveal some of my home-made gifts this year: knitted hats. In super-soft alpaca wool, quite thick, using knitting needles #6.


Super easy to make. First, cast on 59 stitches on a circular needle. Then knit 4 , and one purl. And that´s it! It will automatically make a pattern of a diagonal line upwards. Knit until you´re almost out of yarn, then I decrease by knitting two  stitches together, right after the purl stitch. Once you start to decrease, you´ll have to change to 5 needles instead of the circular needle. I keep on doing this until there are about 8 stitches left, then I just knit two and two together, adding the one I´m left with as the next one to decrease.

So, as I said, super easy, and a super nice gift to give. As always, handmade & homemade make the best gifts!

(The model is my very first teddy(-dog): PET. I got it from my Dad when I was a baby)

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One Response to “knitted hats”

  1. gail Says:
    February 18th, 2016 at 15:15

    Sweet. I can never seem to follow even the simplest pattern, I lose count somewhere along the way! I love the hat, and how fun to use such a lifelong friend as your model! 🙂