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Kid´s art onboard Viking Prince

By spotogspindel | March 22, 2012

Viking Prince is Eidesvik´s new supply ship. The Christening is tomorrow, but there is so much art onboard this ship, I´ll show you some of it already today 🙂

Remember I told you about the 6th grade at Hasund School where I had a couple of days teaching them how to mix colors and paint with acrylics?

Well, here you can see the best pictures, the one that got framed and now decorate the Viking Prince. Some of them are really awesome, and I honestly would´t mind having a couple of them on my own living-room wall!

A fresh snow-fall in the forrest…. and a passionate viking!

The two pictures above are hanging in the reception on the Main deck. When I was onboard, there was still a lot of work going on, and this room was definitely not finished, so unfortunately you can´t really see them in their rightful environment. Also an electrician was coming after me, fixing spotlights on all the artwork after I´d put it up.

These bright forrest is in the main stairwell. 6 floors continuous, now it´s like an art-gallery!

All 16 kids made two acrylic paintings, one on paper (like below) and one on canvas (like above). The smaller ones like above are grouped together and decorate the corridors.

No surprise, Viking Prince and viking life was a common theme for their artwork.

I have so many favorites among them, and I promise, I´d love to have some of them on my living room-wall! The one above is maybe my very favorite, but it´s a close call 😉

The freedom in their creation is envy-able!

And the use of colors! They didn´t know much about mixing colors when I came the first time, but they picked it up really quickly.

I really like the abstract ones too!

The lime-colors in this painting is yummy!

Coming down from the bridge, this is the first picture you´ll see (so on top of the stairwell-gallery)

A viking prince in the autumn.

Doesn´t this look exactly like an autumn-storm?

Two smaller paintings on canvas hang outside the conference-room.

When you come out of the mess or the lounges, this lovely smiling heart greets you. It certainly puts a smile on my face 🙂

And finally, the big textile wall-hanging that everyone in the class helped make a part of. It´s in a bealching-technique. It´s about 180x 130 cm.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful and talented 6th-graders at Hasund!

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2 Responses to “Kid´s art onboard Viking Prince”

  1. gail Says:
    March 22nd, 2012 at 22:33

    Those are great – several I’d be happy to hang!

  2. andrew finnie Says:
    March 23rd, 2012 at 05:07

    wow Janne, out of the mouths of babes come the greatest things eh? Or paint brushes in this case. Some of them would put the bay area figuratives to shame.

    The wall hanging is my favourite, though politically incorrect, all that viking stuff, and axes and hats with horns – 🙂 all that pillaging must have been hard work 🙂

    Salut !!