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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Jesus Christ Superstar 2017

By spotogspindel | October 26, 2017

Jesus Christ Superstar is currently running at Haugesund Teater.  JCS is Andrew Lloyd Webber´s 1971 rock-opera about the last days of Jesus, seen from Judas´ viewpoint. The

We´ve already had 11 shows, and only 4 are left. For this show I am working as the props-manager, but have also helped out with painting the set. My biggest (and most fun) job was to make the temple interior, so I wanted to show some pictures. Below is the scene being played out, where the hustlers and salesmen entangle Jesus in their merchandize, before he angrily chases them out of the temple.

As you can see, a lot of the interior is made from textiles, mainly Indian saris (Thank you, Peegli!) with an addition of old set-fabric from Hair-96!

The walls and ceiling underneath the stairs are completely covered in textiles.   We wanted an overflowing, warm, maximalist, Middle-Eastern feel. So it is a combination of Indian, Morroccan, Egyptian, Turkish and Israeli items. We´ve also added Marroccan lamps to add to the atmosphere. The theatre-lights color the pictures, but the interior is mainly orange.

The interior is multi-functional: mainly being the temple-shops, but also interiors in houses. I´ve gathered the main “shopping-area” in the middle, with plates on the walls, and candleholders on the floor. And the little tea-place, of course. In good eco-scenography spirit, (and to save money) almost everything in here is either bought second hand (Ebay and local charity-shops) or borrowed (the cushions, the baskets, the carpets)

A little excerpt of the temple-shop and the only direct indication of where we are geographically and culturally: a menorah-collection.

If you want to see more of the interior, there´s a little film on my Instagram.


Director: Erik Schøyen

Assistant director: Henrik Amundsen

Musical leader: Trond Lindheim

Scenographers: Erik Schøyen, Eirik Torsethaugen

Choreographer: Belinda Braza

Costume-designer: Thale Kvam Olsen

Lighting design: Eirik Torsethaugen

Props: Janne Robberstad

Make-up/hair: Unni Gjerde

Sound-design: Stig Morten Sørhaug

Band: Bjørge Verbaan, Jan Olav Renvåg/Helge Ellingsen, Halvor Lillesund, Vegard Fossum, Jens Thoresen/Steinar Larsen

Stage-managers: Dag Ove Sunde and Sigve Sælensminde

Technical stage manager: Mie Moe Gofjeld

Aslak Rossebø – Jesus; Christina Bjordal – Pontius Pilatus; Erik Bauck Bårdstu – Judas; Mari Lerberg Fossum – Maria Magdalena; Bibi Nerheim – Annas; Mads Henning Jørgensen – Kaifas; Lars Helge Throndsen – Simon; Ola Magnus Gjermshus – Peter; Per-Theodor Paulsen – King Herodes; Thomas Stokke, Anita Myhre, Håvard Eikeseth, Lene Kokai Flage, Katarina Lund – ensemble.


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