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By spotogspindel | May 25, 2009

For this weeks theme I was inspired by the lyrics of a Blondie-song. The photos are partly old containers, and an old ships figurehead. Also I added a dictionary explanation of the word Phrenology, the science of the special functions of different parts of the brain.


Faces cracked for reason beyond recognition 
His space is at the Palace 
He sleeps for twenty five cents 
Now he’s wiping headlights windshields with an old rag 
It ain’t nine to five 
Down and dirty he’s an old tramp 
He poses like a dead man 
The night train passes by Money’s not the answer for princes and dancers 
He’s standing under street lights 
He’s thinking of his old life 
He lost his pretty young wife 
The corner is his big plan 
His brunch with Jim and jitters 
Boston blue laws ain’t for shitters 
And newsprint is for cheaters 
Cement mattress for believers 
Now he’s shooting power curves 
His buddies think he’s got some nerve 
Missus Face had other lovers 
Her arms smothered other numbers 
He freezes 
Christmas season all Saints protect him 
His face is cracked for reason beyond recognition 


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One Response to “IF-Cracked”

  1. Shani Says:
    May 28th, 2009 at 16:35

    Oh, very nicely done indeed!!! And I always like Blondie (should I say that? that dates me doesn’t it?!).