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How to paint metal

By spotogspindel | May 15, 2014

How do you paint metal? How do you re-new old-fashioned brass candlestick-holders for instance?

There are three steps, an the two first steps are really important!

1. Clean the surface completely. First remove all stains of candle wax. Then use red spirit or acetone to completely remove all hints of fat. If not, the paint won´t stick.


2. Prime the surface. And make sure you find the right primer. In spray cans, there are special ones for metal. Spray it on in several thin layers, which finally cover the complete surface.

3. The fun part! Spray-paint in your favorite color. Again, time is your friend, so use thin layers. Too much at a time in one place, will cause the paint to run.


Amsterdam is now out with a new series. They´ve turned all their lovely colors into spray paint! This is the one I used for my old candlestick holders.

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