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Familylife at Leirvik Fyr (lighthouse)

By spotogspindel | June 12, 2017

Sunday June 11th was the opening of the Family-life in the lighthouses- exhibition at Leirvik fyr. It was the “friends of Leirvik fyr”-group (lighthouse) that invited me to exhibit ath their newly renovated lighthouse. It is no longer in use as a lighthouse, but a beautiful place only 8 minutes from downtown Leirvik by boat.


Ella Vågsvoll welcomes the guests to the exhibition, on this picture placed in the hall.


The two-story house had pictures in all rooms.


The top picture here with the man and the women sunbathing, was bought by Stord municipality art-delegation, and given as a gift to the friends-of-Leirvik-fyr- volunteer group to hang permanently at the lighthouse.


Ella again, this time busy in the kitchen.


Two bedrooms are on the second floor, now decorated with more family-life pictures.


The picture above is actually quite rare. The lighthouses were way west in the ocean, and because of the Gulf-stream and the salty air, there was hardly ever snow here. To get enough snow to make a snowman would have been quite extraordinary!


The picture below actually doesn´t belong to the exhibit, it was one I made especially for when the exhibition was in Denmark. These are Danish fishing-boats.


In the hall, you´ll also find this young man, collecting eggs from the chickens.


And in the previous machine-house, these pictures decorated the walls.


Over a hundred people came to visit, some to see the exhibition, some for the book-lanuch of Knut Angell´s book about Leirvik fyr, and some to see the newly opened and restored lighthouse. Music and home-made cakes made it well worth the trip.

Liv Unni Oma took the photos below, from the outside of the lighthouse, showing some of the activities.

Fotor_149719397659688 Fotor_149719411512294 Fotor_149719427456982

The exhibition is open next Sunday too, but with no organized boat to bring visitors.

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