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By spotogspindel | March 27, 2017


Best day ever! Visiting ESA ESTEC – The European Space Agency´s technical head-quarters here in Holland. Two full days of inspiration and information. Together with Mr Bernard Foing. Father of SMART-1, a real-life rocket scientist! and executive director of ESAs international Lunar Exploration Group. This is AMAZING!


Our group-photo in front of the ESA space-station module. People connected to the SPACE-project, this year most of them/us are working with the GSO Moon Village opera. Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Wales, Ireland, Portugal are represented.


A copy of the international space station. In real life it´s the size of a football field.


Bernard posing in front of the moon-mobile. A very practical vehicle that can be steered from earth if necessary. Or, at the push of a button will take the astronaut back to the station.


And this is part of the filed for trying out technical vehicles.


Inside the ESA space station module.


Norway seen from above.


The actual discovery-center, where they test out and invent.


A grain of sand, only a millimeter, can cause sever damage to metal, when it comes at a speed of 20 km per second, as you can see below.


Solar panels can be so beautiful! Like this Studio 54 disco-version 😉


The plans for how the permanent space station on the moon will look like. This is a 3D printed small-scale copy.


To prevent damage from astroids, the walls will be covered in 1-2 meter thick porous  3D printed material, almost like a sponge, filled with sand (or water!) to soften any blows on the outside.


More tomorrow!

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One Response to “ESA!”

  1. gail Says:
    March 28th, 2017 at 00:04

    How interesting! The grain of sand is a mighty force. But I love the idea of pushing a button and having my vehicle take me home. No more tired drives back to the house, lol. 🙂