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England: medieval, antique and vintage

By spotogspindel | August 4, 2010

Great Britain has 12 000 medieval churches. And over 350 000 houses from the 16th century. Most of which people still live in. How cool is that! History is everywhere in England, especially if you move outside of London. History, and inspiration.

I spent the weekend near Guildford, Surrey, south of London. This is from Watts Chapel, a small chapel in an classic Arts and crafts-movement style. Or Art Noveau or Jugend. Whichever you prefer. I love the colors in here!

My dear friend Stephanie, whom I visited, is part-owner of Past Pleasures, an English company that provides historical events for the castles: Tower of London, Hampton court and such. And this weekend, they helped to defend Dover castle in a siege.

The castle in the morning dusk.

Mark, the other owner of Past Pleasures, here as Hugh de Burgh, ready to defend Dover Castle against that obnoxious dohin of France. (Ok, I don´t know French, and therefore most probably misspelled that).

Fighting for glory. During the entire battle I was sitting next to a little girl who kept cheering: “Come on King!” 🙂

Did you know these chain-mails they are wearing weigh about 30 kilos (60 pounds)?! No wonder the action is slightly slower and less dramatic than on film… All the costumes are as historically correct as they can get. Stephanie makes them all, and she is truly the most talented historical costumier I know!

Ah, inside the castle, it´s warmer. The National Trust has made copies of the furniture and textiles in here before opening it to the public. Everything is made very skillfully and by hand.

Ever wonder what the world looked like in the “good-old-days”? Well, for one, it was flat. And they didn´t know about places like America or Australia. Just to be on the safe side though, they placed some obscure islands far away where they thought people with no heads but faces on their chests lived.

One of the things I love about England, is that the countryside is so thoroughly cultivated. Centuries of working the land has made a very special landscape. Wouldn´t you like this to be the road up to your house?

And this little gem to be your house?

How about this to be your local town? (And this is just an ordinary little town.)

And every ordinary little town seems to have a handful of charity shops and a couple of antique stores. In Norway we hardly have any second-hand-, charity-, junk-, or antique-shops. So that was one of the things I wanted to look for when in England this time. I ended up getting a collection of funky forks.

I was told the one on the right was for olives. Anyone can tell me what the one with five spikes is for?

Before I go, have a look at this piece of yum-yum! Stephanie just got this half-crinoline, I don´t even know the proper name. From the 1880s, in red wool.

It´s so punk-steam fantastic! I want one for Christmas!! I promise, I´ll wear it! Maybe I´ll have to sew one…

I´ll be back tomorrow with impressions from London!

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One Response to “England: medieval, antique and vintage”

  1. andrew from Oz Says:
    August 5th, 2010 at 06:09

    now that would have to be a left handers north sea sardine fork


    wow Janne great chimney on that house, obviously don’t have earth quakes there. Love your eye for detail. Makes me want to visit the old d;art as we say in warm Oz 🙂