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De(e/a)r chair

By spotogspindel | February 17, 2016

My de(e/a)r chair is finished! I bought a vintage chair from the 60s a few months ago, planning to give it a new furbishing.


And as you know, my embroidery-exhibition is coming up soon, so the plan was to make new fabric from old petit point wool embroideries. The hardest part was to actually choose which motifs to choose. My sister suggested I use all the ones with deer sand mooses, and I really liked the idea.


Actually it was a bit difficult using fabric this thick. Folding it over itself in the corners and pinning it down… I needed real nails, not just the long staples. Equally, I didn´t have long enough furnishing-decor-nails for the bak that were long enough, so now it´s just ordinary nails. I´ll have to see if I leave it or come up with another idea along the back.


It´s kind of fun, don´t you think? The motif on the backside is an exact copy of an embroidery my Mom still has in her home. All during my childhood it was one of two main pictures in our living room. Likewise the main motif on the seat is a copy of a picture my Grandma had in her livingroom. So actually this turned out to be quite a personal chair: without me even trying, it brings back childhood memories.

If you want to try refurbishing a chair, I´d rate this to a second project, the easiest being  just the seat of a dining table-chair.

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One Response to “De(e/a)r chair”

  1. gail Says:
    February 17th, 2016 at 22:02

    Oh my gosh, how lovely! It is beautiful, and your sister’s guidance was perfect! 🙂