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Cruys-cookies and copper-coins

By spotogspindel | June 24, 2012

15000 copper coins, imbedded in cement following the naked rock face of this little island in Bømlo.

It looks kind of grey now, but that´s only because it´s oxidizing, gradually turning turquiose. If you don´t know what I´m talking about, click HERE.

The official opening started with a lecture about tzar Peter the great, Cornelius Cruys and Kjøpholmen, by professor Torgrim Titlestad. (Wanna know more? Click HERE) Afterwards we all got on a big boat, and headed out to the island, to be able to see it up close.

Of course any real art-opening with respect for itself should include a little culture. So Lars sang a traditional Russian song (in Russian) with help from Jan Ove on guitar.

Anita had even made Cruys-cookies for the occasion. She´s the best cook in Bømlo, so she decided to just invent a completely new cookie! They include blueberries (which there are a lot of on Kjøpholmen, honey from Goddo (Bømlo) and another kind of berries that actually were good against malnutrition for sailors… I´m sure Cruys would have liked them. I know I do!

Along the main road you can have a pit-stop, and rest on the bench overlooking the island. The info-board is in place, alongside the mail-box with the guest-book and the binoculars.

Lars, me, Anita (the trio who´s worked with the project) with Torgrim and Trine (he leader of the art-group)

For more pictures, click HERE

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2 Responses to “Cruys-cookies and copper-coins”

  1. indigorchid Says:
    June 24th, 2012 at 22:15

    Strange to think this was just earlier today…! I had such a nice time this weekend Janne, thank you!

  2. gail Says:
    June 27th, 2012 at 14:03

    How wonderful to be part of a ‘teaching’ art project that will get better every year!