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Costume workshop for Trollskogen Theatre 1

By spotogspindel | January 24, 2010

This weekend I am having a costume workshop for Trollhage Children´s theatre group.

They are staging Charlie and the Chocolate factory in April, and I am helping them with the costumes:  how-tos on sewing, creative input, a bit on design, a bit fashion history, how to interpret someone else´s design, a bit color-theory, a little fabric-shopping, a bit organization and quite a bit on pattern-making. Some of the themes we´ve just touched lightly, others we´ve spent hours on. All in all, we hope to finish some costumes by tomorrow evening. It´s a full-time weekend. I think we were all a bit tired tonight, after 12 hours intensive labour 🙂

Below is some of the fabric for one of the designs made by Sandra.


And not to forget: an introduction to the wonderful world of the overlock sowing-machine! This wonder of a machine, that makes the life of a costume-maker so much brighter 🙂


The designer is part of the costume-group, but was a bit afraid of sowing. I think she enjoyed the overlock though. 


The costume production manager, and my host Jan, is lining a rococco  skirt for one of the Ompalompas.


Here, another Ompalompa-costume is in the making. Monica is figuring out the best way to make a top.

And here Unni is working on the blueberry boy ompalompa costume:


Hopefully I can show you some of the things we´ve made tomorrow.

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