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Costume workshop for Trollskogen Theatre 2

By spotogspindel | January 25, 2010

It´s been such a fun and busy weekend!

In addition to working with the costumes for charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we had sessions on design, pattern-making, overlocking, do´s and don´t´s, aging/distressing costumes, to mention some. 


Here the ladies are busy at the sewing machines. The designer who told us on Friday evening that she was afraid of sewing, declared that she wanted an overlock for her birthday! Now that´s what I call progress! 🙂


Sønnøve was working with a Cirque de Soleil-inspired costume for the Ompalompas in the TV-room.


Two layers of lycra stretch-fabric, sown together, slashed and added triangles…


…turned out quite funky, I think. She only needs slightly larger holes for the ears, and that´s it. 


Here is a barock-inspired costume for the Ompalompas in the Chocolate-room, being modeled on one of the actors. 


Two more actors modeling their Ompalompa-costumes for the Bubble-gum-room. Sown in cotton stretch-velour, with overlock seams on the outside of the fabric for decor. 


And two more barock-inspired costumes for the chocolate-Ompalompas. All according to the designers drawings. Still missing some work until completion, but laid out so we could see what they would look like.


This one is missing an extra skirt and the sleeves, but still looks smashing. 


While we were working on the costumes, the kids had been rehearsing all weekend. Sunday evening, the director of the show, comes to have a look at what we had done. Even though people look a bit tired on this picture (no wonder with the hours they´d put in), I think it wasn´t just the director who was pleased. It was such a good and enthusiastic group, I had a great weekend!

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One Response to “Costume workshop for Trollskogen Theatre 2”

  1. Tammie Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 20:45

    fantastic costumes!