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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Color me purple!

By spotogspindel | August 27, 2009

After a couple of weeks working intensely on my Mac, I needed to do something different, not to stiffen completely in all muscles. So we decides to re-decorate the stairway-room. My house is rather colorful already, but none of the rooms are purple. And purple, being the color that sparks creativity, just needed to be here! 


See! It doesn´t look so dark in the daylight.

Or wait.

This looks nothing like the chocolate-purple I had made? 


Ah, here it is. Much better.


Axel! Every household should have a Handy-Hunk! Am I lucky, or what?!

Well, this is gonna take some time, so I´ll just have to keep posting pictures during the progress.

Did I mention that I painted the ceiling black? 🙂

I think most people will think that is bad-taste, or porn or ugly or at least very unusual. But seriously, black is a very good color to accentuate other colors, just like white. White will make some colors really stand out, and black will do the same for other colors. Working with colors in art, and framing art, it´s hard to miss that fact. And still almost every ceiling is white. 

Of course this will make the room darker, but it is only a walk-through room anyway, so I don´t think it will matter that much. Another color that would look very good with the warm purple, is amber. I think I might have to look for putting in some details in amber…

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One Response to “Color me purple!”

  1. indigorchid Says:
    August 28th, 2009 at 09:28

    Ååå…! Huset til Janne! Gleder meg kjempemasse til å se hvordan trapperommet ditt blir – du har en egen evne med farger, så jeg er overbevist over at det blir fantastisk til slutt!