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Celebrate September!

By spotogspindel | August 30, 2009


1. Bake a big, giant batch of cookies.  Bring them to your neighbors “just because”.

2. Rearrange your furniture in one room. 

3. Go to the dollar store and get a miniature manicure set.  Surround yourself with candles and good music, soak your feet and give yourself a pedicure.  Paint your toenails a color that knocks your socks off!

4.  Spend an entire day without watching TV.  The whole family, too.  See what “quality” time it will bring.

5. Write a Love List: reasons why you love your daughter…your mother…your 6″ platform heels (NOT!). Listing the reasons has a trigger effect on your memories, the sweet, endearing side of things. “I love the way you squish up your nose when you are thinking hard”….”I love that you always put the toilet seat down”…”I love the way you take care of me when I’m having a hard day”. Keep the list and peek at it every now and again.

6. Make a large bowl of jello, layering it in at least three different colors! Make vanilla-sauce, and enjoy!

7. Add fancy trim to the bottom of a skirt or jeans. A ruffle of gauze, French embroidered trim, velvet ribbon. Find your favorite at a local fabric store, on ebay, or cut it off a no-longer-wanted skirt hidden in the back of your closet.

8. Paint or draw a self portrait – even if just 5 x 8 cm.  Sign it.

9. Write a letter – a real letter – to someone special.  Fill the envelope with lots of stamps of low value.  Mail it.

10. Have a look at Inspire Me Thursday. When they post their theme of the week, challenge yourself to create something from that theme.

11. Nourish your knowledge. Research and read about a person from history.  Study them.  Get to know them.  Abraham Lincoln.  Marie Antoinette.  Marie Curie. 

12. Leave random love notes for your children or husband (wife if a man is reading this) in unexpected places: the inside of their shoes, coat pockets, in between a closed cell phone, written in dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror, with a Sharpie marker on the mini bag of chips tucked into their lunch box. No need to write a book…short & sweet can say it all.13. Make your own postcards! Create a work of art that is “YOU”. Scan it into your computer and convert it to a 300dpi .jpg file. Follow the image guidelines by the printer. Don’t forget that your postcards can have a reverse side just like real postcards…or maybe the back is a black-and-white bit of art, or a story, or your own “list”. An online printer such as www.psprint.com can create as few as 5o postcards for about $15. With this in mind, you can have your own postcards for any occasion: “just to say hello”, “look at my newest art”, “Happy Birthday/Anniversary/Wednesday” or “when is winter going to end?”. 

13.  Spend an entire evening with the family playing Scrabble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, even Twister (if you dare).

14.  Treat yourself to a vintage portrait photo on Ebay for under $5.  When it comes in the mail, give the person a name.  Make up a history.  Write it all down on the back of the photo.15. Take a walk in the rain. Just throw on a coat and go for a quickie around the block. Don’t plan for it…just get up and do it. The fresh air will do you good!

16. Start collecting something you love. Be obsessive. Perhaps it’s silverware with engraved monograms, heart-shaped stones (as beautiful artist Nina Bagley has such a talent for finding), or vintage pearl necklaces to hang on your chandelier. Set a challenge…no more than $3. 

17.  Fingerpaint with your 5-year-old.  If you don’t have a 5-year-old, fingerpaint with your best friend.  Get back to the basics.

18. Learn 5 new words. Open an old dictionary and blindly fingerpoint to 5 different words. Cut each one out and paste them in your notebook. Learn their spelling & meaning. Use them in sentences. Be a scholar!

19. Clean the car out. Get rid of the garbage (look under the seats…you are bound to find a French Fry)…wipe the dust from the dashboard…vacuum the pineneedles. The icing on the cake? A “new car scent” air freshener.

20.  Wake up really early on the weekend.  Watch the sun rise.  Have coffee or hot chocolate and cereal (with bananas).  Read the newspaper cover to cover.  Stay in your jammies until lunch (maybe all day).

21. Monday morning… start the day by putting on your favorite up-beat song, at a loud volume, and DANCE!

22. Write a poem.  Limit it to 8 lines only.  Memorize it.

23. Have a holiday dinner NOT during the holidays. Make an over-the-top feast of a meal! Invite a few friends over “just because”. Out-do yourself. Appetizers…5-course dinner…a flaming dessert! Find recipes in a cookbook (that has pictures…so you can SEE how it will turn out). Set the table with candles, linen napkins, crystal. And just for fun…give each menu item your OWN name!

24. Check out some fashion-designers fall-collection by visiting their web-sites: Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Comme de Garcons, …

25.  Bake brownies.  Try not to eat them…but give in to the temptation anyway.

26.  Review a book you’ve recently read on http://www.amazon.com/.

27. Buy a vintage slip at a Thrift Store (or find one in your grandmothers closet). Wear it under a dress with a little bit of the lacy hem showing (ooh la la). Or just wear it as a night gown.

28.  Venture under the kitchen sink and clean it out.  Warning:  do not mix cleansers and then stick your head in the cabinet to wash it out.

29.  Change your passwords for everything.  Just like batteries in the smoke detectors, better safe than sorry. Oh, and change the batteries in your smoke-detector!

30.  Draw and entire alphabet of letters.  Have them made into a font for your computer.  Visit http://fontgarden.com/ and she can create a font just for you using your handwriting.  Font Garden also has oodles of free fonts, as well as inexpensive purchasable fonts available.  The quotes are fun, too.

Oh, and as always, send me suggestions for how we can celebrate October!

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One Response to “Celebrate September!”

  1. Randi Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 20:13

    Ide til Oktober:)
    1: Gå på dobbel date med eit vennepar.
    2: Lag til Halloween fest med venner.
    3: Inviter foreldre / svigers til middag.
    4: Finn ein god film, lag varm kakao med krem og nysteikte bollar og krøll deg under teppet og nyt livet.
    5:Lag 3 julepakkar.
    6: Et fårikål!

    …….. her er iallfall nokon idear 🙂