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Celebrate September

By spotogspindel | September 1, 2010

Here is this September´s new and improved version 🙂


Oh yay! It´s the national sewing month!!! Guess we´ll just have to fill the days with endless joy!

1. Mary Had A Little Lamb was published in 1830 and WW1 began in 1939. So tonight you can either sew something made from sheep-skin (gloves, maybe?) or watch “A Very Long Engagement” with Audrey Tatou.

After a long summer(?) of relaxing, it feels good to be back on track. To feel even better, contact your favorite charity, and ask what you can help them with this month!

2. Rearrange your furniture in one room. Pack away some of your decorative stuff and put it in the attic. Get one, just one, new thing. In half a year, change the things you have out now, with the stuff you put in the attic. This is a cheap way of re-newing the room 🙂

Make a very special coat-hanger using an old chair(!), be inspired here!

3. Have a walk along the beach and gather shells. Bring them home, drill small holes in them, tie them up on a string about 2 meters long. Make several and hang them in a door opening like a curtain. You´ll keep summer in your house a lot longer…

Go to the dollar store and get a miniature manicure set. Surround yourself with candles and good music, soak your feet and give yourself a pedicure. Paint your toenails a color that knocks your socks off!

4.  Spend an entire day without watching TV.  The whole family, too.  See what “quality” time it will bring.

Collect doilies. Make something fun with them. Like this maybe…

5. Write a Love List: reasons why you love your daughter…your mother… your partner… Listing the reasons has a trigger effect on your memories, the sweet, endearing side of things. “I love the way you squish up your nose when you are thinking hard”…”I love the way you take care of me when I’m having a hard day”. Keep the list and peek at it every now and again.

International bacon day. Yum!!! Make pancakes (recipe without sugar), fry up bacon and boil potatoes. It may sound strange, but it´s one of my favorite dinners!

6. Make a large bowl of jello, layering it in at least three different colors! Make vanilla-sauce, and enjoy!

Sew a cover to your favorite book. And then read it. (Below are some of my song-books with textile covers, painted, printed and sewn together.)

7. Add fancy trim to the bottom of a skirt or jeans. A ruffle of gauze, French embroidered trim, velvet ribbon. Find your favorite at a local fabric store, on ebay, or cut it off a no-longer-wanted skirt hidden in the back of your closet.

Get a tattoo! Not a permanent one, of course. Just mix henna-powder with a little bit oil, and paint on your skin. Leave to dry, then brush off. Depending on the quality of the henna, it should last a week.

8. Sew a self portrait – even if just 5 x 8 cm.  Sign it. Machine embroidery is super-fun! And it doesn´t really matter if it doesn´t resemble you perfectly.

Make home-made lemonade. This can hardly be done too often 🙂

9. Teddy bear day. Make your own cute-n-cuddly.

While I leave for London, bringing my passport safely protected within my new passport-pocket, why don´t you make your own?!

10. Swap ideas day. Gather your favorite art-buddies over for a creative evening, and do some ARTing! I am sure you are bubbling with ideas, but you know, just art-journaling can be great fun together.

In Norway the deer-hunting begins today. Maybe I should make a new paper-clay-maché deer-head for my masks-wall…?

11. Make your bed day. What a boring holiday, huh? … no, wait. Lets make it fun. After all it is sewing month. Let´s literarily make your bed. The linens anyway. For one set of a duvet-cover and pillow-case you need 5 meters of fabric and about a meter of ribbon. The sewing is super-easy, but before we get to that part, how about adding a personal touch? Maybe print a motif with your own stamp?

Leave random love notes for your children or partner in unexpected places: the inside of their shoes, coat pockets, in between a closed cell phone, written in dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror, with a Sharpie marker on the mini bag of chips tucked into their lunch box. No need to write a book…short & sweet can say it all.

12. Make a small idea-notebook, and sew a decorative cover for it. Whenever you come up with a brilliant idea, write it down, and before long you´ll have a great idea-bank! (Or if you´re lucky, maybe you´ll win this month´s goody give-away-book!)

There´s a vintage & antique textile fair in Hammersmith in London today. If you want to join me treasure-hunting, please do! If you´re not in London, see if you can find a local flee-market or charity-shop and join me in the fun of looking for small treasures.

13.  There are so many options for this day: It´s the National Peanut day, Positive thinking day and Helicopter day. Feel free to make your own agenda based on one of these, or:

Make a special textile collage in celebration of your Grandparents. Mix in photos printed on textiles, bits and pieces of fabric from their favorite apron or shirt.

14. Treat yourself to a vintage portrait photo on Ebay for under $5.  When it comes in the mail, give the person a name. Make up a history. Write it all down on the back of the photo.

Spend an entire evening with the family playing Scrabble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, even Twister (if you dare). And of course, it doesn´t matter if you don´t have a twister game-board. Just sew one! (I did 🙂

15. Take a walk in the rain. Just throw on a coat and go for a quickie around the block. Don’t plan for it…just get up and do it. The fresh air will do you good!

Make a hat day. Oh, this could be fun! So many options. Sew one, and send me a picture, and I´ll share!

16. Start collecting something you love. Be obsessive. Perhaps it’s silverware with engraved monograms, heart-shaped stones, or vintage pearl necklaces to hang on your chandelier. Set a challenge…no more than $3.

Myself, I want to collect rocks today. See if you can find pebbles shaped as words or symbols.

17.  Fingerpaint with your 5-year-old.  If you don’t have a 5-year-old, fingerpaint with your best friend.  Get back to the basics.

Go decor-hunting in the attic. Find all those old brass candle-holders. Wash them, and paint them in a bright color. Talk to your local paint-shop people, to make sure you get the right type of paint. Spray-paint might lead to a great result! I want hot pink and turquoise!

18. Clean the car out. Get rid of the garbage (look under the seats…maybe you´ll find that CD you´ve been looking for)…wipe the dust from the dashboard…vacuum the pineneedles. Then buy an ice-cream cone while you´re at the gas-station.

Talk like a pirate today. Learn the lyrics to “A pirate´s life for me” and sing to yourself in public. Add an “Aaaarrrrh” every now and then 😉

19. Wake up really early on the weekend.  Watch the sun rise.  Have coffee or hot chocolate and cereal (with bananas).  Read the newspaper cover to cover.  Stay in your jammies until lunch (maybe all day).

Or, if you get bored of staying in bed all day… sew something beautiful, but easy! Why not make a lacy collar? It doesn´t need to be like these, be creative, make your own special textile fall-jewelry.

20. Learn 5 new words. Open an old dictionary and blindly fingerpoint to 5 different words. Cut each one out and paste them in your notebook. Learn their spelling & meaning. Use them in sentences. Be a scholar!

Make some art, maybe a photograph or a painting or a drawing. Put the art in a nice frame, one that isn’t brand new. Then, hang your framed art in a place you aren’t suppose to, but where people will assume it is supposed to be, like the lobby of your apartment building, in the hallway at your office, on the smallest wall in a motel room, in the quiet corner of a library, outside the downstair’s restroom at a restaurant or bar, the back room of a club, in the bathroom of a museum. (This one is from 52Projects)

21. Monday morning… start the day by putting on your favorite up-beat song, at a loud volume, and DANCE!

International day of peace. World gratitude day.

22. Write a poem.  Limit it to 8 lines only.  Memorize it.

On this first day of Autumn, make a page in your journal stating all your plans for the fall. It´s somehow easier to get things done, when they are spoken, or in this case written. Take a walk in the park and gather some leaves to press, so you can use in your journal later in the winter.

Make a traditional dinner with lamb, potatoes , cabbage and carrots, or fårikål, as we call it in Norway.

23. Bake brownies.  Try not to eat them…but give in to the temptation anyway.

Go outside to pick nuts. My garden is full of hazel-nuts. If you haven´t got any, maybe it´s an idea to invest in a nut-tree. Fresh nuts taste completely different, and even more delicious, than the ones you get in the store.

24. Check out some fashion-designers fall-collection by visiting their web-sites: Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Comme de Garcons, … be inspired to make your own fall-couture!

Let´s celebrate Native American day by making jewelry inspired by their art. Look online for inspiration. Or visit the library. (Oooo, I want to make a new bracelet with turquoises!)

25.  Have a holiday dinner NOT during the holidays. Make an over-the-top feast of a meal! Invite a few friends over “just because”. Out-do yourself. Appetizers…5-course dinner…a flaming dessert! Find recipes in a cookbook (that has pictures…so you can SEE how it will turn out). Set the table with candles, linen napkins, crystal. And just for fun…give each menu item your OWN name!

Make caramel-apples. The apples should be getting ripe now, and this is caramel-month, so what are you waiting for?!

26. There must be a hundred ways to celebrate good neighbor day, my suggestion is to  pop lots of popcorn and then invite them over for a craft-evening. Creating together is a joy beyond words! Or you can bake a big, giant batch of cookies. Bring them to your neighbors “just because”.

Review a book you’ve recently read on http://www.amazon.com/.

27. Buy a vintage slip at a Thrift Store (or find one in your grandmothers closet). Wear it under a dress with a little bit of the lacy hem showing (ooh la la). Or just wear it as a night gown. And come to think of it, since it´s sewing month, trace the pattern of your slip, and sew a new one! It´s really not that difficult. Make it in some funky colors your Grandma wouldn´t have thought of, like hot pink, burnt orange of citrus lime 🙂

Continue the evening with mending. Sew back on all those lost buttons, mend the holes in your socks, fix that hemline… and so on. This is both money-saving and environmentally friendly.

28.  Venture under the kitchen sink and clean it out.  Warning:  do not mix cleansers and then stick your head in the cabinet to wash it out.

As a reward, splash out on a gorgeous flower-bouquet. The beauty of flowers is contagious!

29.  Change your passwords for everything.  Just like batteries in the smoke detectors, better safe than sorry. Oh, and change the batteries in your smoke-detector!

Scotland Yard formed in 1829. See the movie “The nine lives of Thomas Katz”. It´s one of the coolest movies I´ve ever seen! With a secret department of Scotland Yard included 😉

30.  Draw the entire alphabet of letters.  Have them made into a font for your computer.  Visit http://fontgarden.com/ and she can create a font just for you using your handwriting.  Font Garden also has oodles of free fonts, as well as inexpensive purchasable fonts available.  The quotes are fun, too. Another version is taking your camera for a walk, and looking for the alphabet hidden in the surroundings. Be inspired by Michael at Alfabetfotos.

Make a punk-crazy-kilt and add lots of safety pins! And wear it! Don´t chicken out. You´re too old? Phøh! No, you´re not! Now go and act your inner child´s age!

Oh, and as always, send me suggestions for how we can celebrate October!

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2 Responses to “Celebrate September”

  1. Tammy McGee Says:
    September 4th, 2010 at 04:57

    Great list as usual Janne! For october you could gather ripened wheat from the leftovers at the edge of a farmers field, and make a wreath for your front door! Did this one last year, and it turned out really beautiful! Maybe ask permission first though, if your are not sure about the farmer’s friendliness. LOL!

  2. Siri Says:
    August 31st, 2011 at 23:15

    I have knittet two dish-cloths for charity this year 🙂 They will be sold for the breast-cancer organisation 🙂 (Grådig sent på kveld for å skrive engelsk…)