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Brage Supplier

By spotogspindel | September 30, 2011

Brage Supplier is the name of a new supply-ship. The owner is Brage Suppliers, and it is being built in India. Since the owner wanted motifs from Bergen, this is what I have worked with.

Bergen has a World Heritage site, the quay “Bryggen”. A long row of old sea-houses from the 15th century. In these houses, lots of people worked, all in fish-related jobs. Factoring, buying, selling, storing, exporting.

I wanted to show some of these people and how their work-place was. Now the site is filled with tourists and restaurants and artist and souvenir-shops. Things have changed.

But there are lots of other sea-houses along the shores of the city too. Many of them are ruined or tore down, every now and then we hear that fire has taken yet another one of them.

Here are some pictures based on old photographs (by kind permission from Bergen Historiske Billedarkiv) of what the seaside used to look like.

Already in the 15th century it was Norway´s biggest export city of fish. Fishermen from all along the cost would come to Bergen with their fish and sell i there. Merchants from Germany would buy shiploads and bring back home. To this day you will find lots of German names in Bergen.

Bergen is known as the rainy city in Norway, (and for a reason I might add!) and I was tempted beyond belief when I found this old photo. I had to insert the text: “I knew they kept an arc in here somewhere!”

Another of the “must-see-sights” in Bergen is the fish-market. Now a days it´s more a mix of woolen sweaters, flowers and cheap Asian imports. But the fish is still there.

Here is a view from Strandsiden (“the beach-side”) in towards the fish-market.

In 1916 there was a big fire, that devastated most of Strandsiden (“the beach-side”) and Nordnes. This photo is taken before the fire. Strandgaten looks quite different now. Muren in the background.

Here is another picture with kids playing in the back-yard between houses in Sandviken. These small, old houses still exist many of them, and today they are highly valued on the property marked!

And finally, for the gym, I gave them some real man-power!



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One Response to “Brage Supplier”

  1. Anne Says:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 01:08

    Eg elsker desse bildene, Janne! Så utrulig fine, spesielt det med ungane som leiker…