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By spotogspindel | December 30, 2013

Bømmelfjord is a shipping company, who just moved into a new location, in the same building as Eidesvik. Their new offices were white and light and maybe a bit dull. They asked me to make some art for the common areas. The art should reflect the company, both past and future, and what they are working with. In addition to bringing some color into the rooms.


“Bømmelfjord”, 150x150cm 

The history of the company is very much the same as the owners family-history. And since I am lucky enough to know them a bit in person, I dared a VERY colorful suggestion in the pictures, which they liked! Bright pinks and mints are not the usual shipping-company-colors, I think 🙂


“Gå På”, 150×190 cm 

In this picture, three generations are gathered, together with their own family-boat, where a lot of summer-days were spent.


“Viking Princess”, 150×180 cm

And finally, the Viking Princess is ready to decorate the conference-room. This is one of their newest ships in the fleet.


The pictures aren´t hung on the walls yet. There is new furniture coming in, and we ant everything in place before deciding exactly where they´re going to hang.


I also made some foils for the indoor windows in the office-space. The windows are a great idea, because they let so much light come through. However, sometimes it´s nice with a bit of privacy, so we wanted some foil to shield a bit of the view. For the conference-room windows, I made a classic picture of Siggjo, the Bømlo mountain which pretty much defines the view of the island. Bømmelfjord means the fjord by Bømlo, so this picture fits quite well with the name of the company.


Here the foil is up, so you can see what it looks like.


On the other office-walls, I made more stylized foils, decorated only with the company-logo (A stylized silhouette of Siggjo and it´s reflection) and some technical drawings of some of their ships.


All the foils go all the way to the floor, to hide unwanted “mess” like shoes, bags, boxes, you name it… and goes just high enough to peek over in the lower end.


I´ll get back and share more, once everything is in place.

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One Response to “Bømmelfjord”

  1. gail Says:
    January 1st, 2014 at 19:16

    I especially love the window foils! What a fabulous idea!