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antique cupboard

By spotogspindel | April 26, 2012

Sorry about sneaking this feather-less post in here. The net is terrible at the hostel, so I´ll post about something else while I wait for better times.


Finally it paid off! Finally! After all these years of wandering and browsing at charity-shops, markets, the Salvation army… Saturday I found this old, really old, cupboard waiting quietly for me in the furthest corner of a charity shop.

In this photo the bottom is missing. It´s about 10 cm and wood-worms have had both lunch and dinner down there, so I´ll have to make that part brand new.

The thing that totally sold it for me was the key-holes. I was looking at them, and thinking, wow, they´re kind of nice, except for… what happened in the middle there? Isn´t it very worn for metal? And then I saw it! It´s not metal at all, it´s leather! The pattern is carved or probably stamped into wet leather. Amazing! I´ve never seen anything like it!

Here´s the main key-hole. Have anyone else seen these made form leather? I´d really like to hear if you´ve heard of any.

Here is the inside. I actually bought it, thinking I´d paint it. Mainly because part of the cabinet is damaged at the bottom. Maybe black on the inside, and possibly deMeng the outside in chocolate-mint.

I mentioned this to the guy from the store who came to deliver it. Who looked at me like I was crazy, telling me that they had lots of new furniture that I could play around with (and ruin) but this was an antique! And he had seen so many old pieces of furniture being painted white, and this was an antique!

So anyway. It worked. I am in doubt. What should I do with it? Any advice? I know I can make it look both cool, good and funky, depending on what colors I go with if I paint it. Trying to repair the fine wood is a lot harder. But maybe it would be worth it. I intended to use the cabinet at exhibitions, for smaller things. But if I fix it and keep it natural, I´ll have to make a space for it in my living room. Which might be easier said than done. Ok. There it is, folks. I´m open for suggestions!

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3 Responses to “antique cupboard”

  1. Sid Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 17:44

    Absolutely do not paint it! If there is one thing we hear repeatedly on Antique Roadshow is do not refinish, do not paint! Lots of the value of antiques is in the patina. The leather key hole is very interesting.

    A great find.

  2. Tammy McGee Says:
    April 29th, 2012 at 01:39

    I agree…dont paint it. Its so beautiful and marvelous. The repair work would be worth it. LOVE the leather key hole! super cool! can you find out anything about its age on the internet. Sorry to be a party pooper about the painting it…but its too rare and cool!! Amazing treasure!! Miss you lovey! hope today has been awesome for you. Just got done work. Tired and sore. hopefully get some arty time on monday.{{HUG}}

  3. gail Says:
    April 29th, 2012 at 22:19

    It is beautiful. Of course the correct answer is not to paint it. But I have to say, I’ve had many antiques that I ended up getting rid of because they didn’t suit me, when they could have suited me very well if I’d dared go against that conventional wisdom. I was afraid to try because I am not very crafty. But you are an artist so I say, if you have a vision, go with it!