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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Halloween and give-away winner

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween! Thank you so much to three worthy contestants in my little Halloween-goody-give-away. Only one of you can win the earrings, but I thought I´d give you a “virtual” Halloween costume. These are all costumes I´ve designed and sewn for different shows I´ve worked with over the years. (Click on the pictures to see […]

Costumes, concert, crime and charms

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Let me start with the charms first. I finally finished my bracelet I started making in Lisa Call´s class at Art & Soul. She showed me how to work with precious metal clay, and I was truly fascinated how clay can turn into real silver! Like true alchemy! My charms aren´t all that exciting, but […]

Stril Orion

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Simon Møkster Shipping newly built supply ship Stril Orion is being Christened today. I delivered the artwork for all the common-areas, and a smaller picture for all the cabins. This is the picture you first see when you come into the mess. It feels like the signature picture for the boat, and I am sorry I […]

Pink Princess

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

My niece just turned 8, and loves everything pink. Her wish-list contained Barbie-dolls, and Barbie-clothes, and Barbie-this and Barbie-that. I picked up the pink theme, and made her a pure satin-silk cover for her pillow. The fabric is a remnant for some costume-dresses I made some years ago. I printed on a big flower with […]

Painting workshop with 6th grade

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The second day of the painting workshop with the 11-year olds. I loved overhearing their conversation this morning: “How do I make brown?” ” You just mix blue and yellow and red!” or “This color isn´t the right!” “You need more yellow!” and so on. They´ve really gotten good at mixing the colors. I didn´t […]


Monday, October 24th, 2011

Well, guess where I am?! I´m out traveling again, and have moved from my little island on the west-coast, to another little island, about 10 hours further north on the west-coast. Nature is more dramatic here, with quite steep mountains, it´s really beautiful. Especially today, when the weather´s been absolutely marvelous! I´m in Ulsteinvik. Right. […]

Skansen one more time

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

I have told you about this wonderful building my Uncle made for his grand-daughter before, but he was recently in a newspaper-article, so I thought I share it with those of you who still haven´t seen it. It is a copy of an old fire-station in Bergen. (And of course I am very proud of […]

Art & Soul journal

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

My journal from Art & Soul, maybe you´d like to see it? I got a free hard-board blank book the first night, and thought I´d use it as a place to gather my memories from Art & Soul. First day there was a 5 minute make&take in encaustic, where anyone passing by was allowed to try […]

Halloween goody give-away

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Well, it´s high time I did another goody give-away, don´t you think?!? There are so many things to celebrate, and one thing I want to celebrate is the fact that so many of you are still following my blog, even though I haven´t been posting as regularly as usual this fall. Sometimes life is just […]


Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Finally! Finally the opening night of Amanda is here. And finally I can show you some photos of what I´ve been working on the past months! Haugesund Theatre´s largest production ever, with 100 people on stage (60 pr show, as most of the kids share roles). Set in 1925 and 2011, it´s two parallel stories […]

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