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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Archive for September, 2010

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Welcome fall

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The past days the weather has been so beautiful, I just have to share some photos from my little world.  Welcoming visitors. Even fall. My house is sun-bathing… Yesterday and today I´ve been driving all along the cost up to Søviknes again, to deliver artwork for a new ship. (I´ll be posting about that very […]


Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

During my time teaching collage and a sorts of other techniques that could be used WITH collage, I demonstrated as I was speaking. Here are a couple of the finished pieces I made randomly in class. If the question is how do you use a feather and vaseline in a picture, this would be my […]

Exhibition poster for Brian Wallace

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Brian Wallace is such a great painter, and I´m so glad I got to know him! He´s the artist featured in Bømlo Art Group´s annual fall-exhibition. If you live around here, you should absolutely come see his work. And if you don´t live around here, take a virtual tour on his site. The motif in […]

IF: old-fashioned

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Illustration Friday´s theme this week is Old-fashioned. I´ve been working a lot with old photographs the past months, for different commissions. By the end of this week, you´ll see a whole series for a new ship. But today, there is just a little, silly fun collage. Riding these bikes, maybe it was the old-fashioned way […]

Way big wayfarer

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Things are coming together, pictures are being finished, framed and packed for the journey. It´s been a hectic week, but an efficient week is always a good one! Following the progress of the big painting. The sky and the main sail, the spinnaker, is in place. (Is that the English name?) Mr. Man is in […]

Kulturveko poster and banner

Friday, September 24th, 2010

The graphics for Kulurveko 2010 (The Culture Week 2010) is just about due, and here is the poster I made for this week full of all sorts of cultural experiences. I also made a banner, that will be in the foyer of the culture-house, as a teaser.

Poster for a design-presentation

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Ok, since my last post was such a boring one, with nothing particular to show for, I´ll post another one today, just to show you something that actually IS finished: Bømlo art Group is arranging an design-exhibition and design-presentation by Trond Atle Næsse during the Culture-week (in celebration of the 5 year anniversary of the […]

The fear of the big white!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I think that everybody who paints, sometimes feel the fear of THE BIG WHITE. So inspired by my students and their work with collage, I decided to approach this big canvas (80×120 cm) by first adding texture to it. (Well, actually, first I made a rough sketch of the outline of the image, so I […]

Student stamp-making

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

We´ve been busy today, the students and me. In just four hours, we ventured at least as many different techniques. One of them was stamp-making. Using fun-foam, they cut out (using scalpel) different shapes. They found some odd ends in the wood-craft department, and glued the  shapes onto the blocks. A couple of the students […]


Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Here is a little something for my students at HSH. It´s a very basic how-to in Photoshop, on how you go from a photo, to an image you can use as a pattern for cutting stamps. I´ll do another one in English a bit later when I have time. Although this is a very good […]

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