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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Eternal Theatre-magic

By spotogspindel | November 23, 2020

The Nordic Drama-pedagogical Magazine invited me to write an article about Ecoscenography in their issue about sustainability. So this was my summer-job this year. I never would have done it without the help and encouragement of my co-author Ida Fugli. She´s a dear friend and an excellent academic AND contemporary theatre-maker.

This is a mile-stone for me, as I find writing intimidating. Especially academic writing. This article has a practical approach and is hopefully quite user-friendly for people who want to “green” their theatres. It´s written in Norwegian. Lots of other interesting articles in this issue (some in English), so well worth investing in.

Thank you to editor Christine Sivertsen for your kind help. Thank you to publisher Universitetsforlaget. Thank you to Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift for the opportunity. And thank you most of all to Ida Fugli.

The article is about how to make a sustainable theatrical production in all phases of the production and in each department. It aims to be a user-friendly practical approach for drama-teachers and professional theatres alike.

You can find the article here.

Feeling a little proud and a lot of happy today 🙂

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By spotogspindel | November 20, 2020

This year´s Global Science Opera production focused on energy and sustainability. 16 countries participated, from 5 continents. In 60 minutes of song, dance, music, stop-motion, rap, symphony orchestras, puppetry, choir and theatre, the students perform their own creations teaching us about all types of energy, from kinetic energy to renewable solar-power.

I am humbly proud to be the production-manager for this online event (coordinated by HVL) , and each year I learn a little more film-editing, and a lot more science!

Click here to see the opera.

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The exhibition at Osteroy

By spotogspindel | October 26, 2020

Information about the 6 000 000 STING (stitches) exhibition is on Osteroy museums´webpage

“Are you sure this is where you lost the car-keys?”


Women´s work, women´s world.

New embroidery in ancient logged house.

Sign o´ the times…

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By spotogspindel | October 18, 2020

I´ve been involved in Rivers.global since the start (although I am on a break now), and firmly believe in thier effort towards make the oceans cleaner and less polluted. They want to do this by gathering much of the plastic litter in the rivers before it reaches the sea. Finally they have a river-cleaner in the making. Still a small NGO, they need all the support they can get, so please check out their website, follow them on Facebook or Instagram. And if you like what you see, there is very affordable member-fee.

This years national charity-event is focused around reducing ocean-plastic. The main charity that will be supported will be the World Wildlife Fund. However, Rivers.global is a good alternative if you for some reason don´t agree with everything the WWF stands for.


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By spotogspindel | October 1, 2020

My modest and polite embroidered encouragement for all eligible to vote at the US-election. It is a stylized self-portrait, inspired by Obama´s old “We can do it!”-poster.

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And then what happened?

By spotogspindel | October 1, 2020

A newly-made oxidised copped and – brass metall collage, inspired by Neil Gaiman.

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How can we make theatre more sustainable?

By spotogspindel | September 28, 2020

Now, that is the million-dollar-question! How to make theatre more sustainable?

In my master-thesis I made a model, a suggestion to an approach of how it can be improved at least in every department in every phase of a production. This fall I will be able to test it out in practice in collaboration with Bømlo Teater. They are staging a pandemic-friendly, social-distancing version of “Jul i Svingen” (Christmas at Svingen), and together with the production-team and the artistic-team, we will put it to the test!

We+ve already started with a bit of theory, where I present the model itself, how it is intended to work, why we should think about sustainability in theatre, and what we should be thinking about and questioning when we are planning and creating.

A good group of eight were present at the first meet-up, later we will be even more people. It is a very interesting opportunity that I am very grateful for! Hopefully we will find the problem-areas, so I can further improve the model for real-life!

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A story-telling backdrop

By spotogspindel | September 28, 2020

Earlier this summer, a story-telling group contacted me regarding a backdrop for their upcoming tour where they present classic literature through storytelling in their show simply called “3 stories”. I found a picture in my archive that hadn´t been used yet, and they printed it on a big tour-friendly  fabric (with foldable frames). There are three tellers and three stories, and three backdrops, though the backdrops all have the same picture. The top three pictures show Tjodun Felland in the middle of communicating her story. The bottom picture is the original. As you can see, the landscape is classic west-coast islands and horizon. In a way the backdrop tells its own stories, but hopefully without taking the attention away from the story-tellers.

“3 stories” are currently on tour in the Northern part of Norway, visiting middle-high schools.

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6000000 STING exhibition 2020

By spotogspindel | September 23, 2020

I am so happy and grateful that my embroidery-exhibition is once again about to hit the road. This time it will travel to Osterøy Museum.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only 20 people are allowed inside simultaneously, but the exhibition is open for two weeks and is part of “The Wool-weeks”, with several other inspiring exhibitions at this and other neighbouring museums.

I am in the process of making a few new pieces. Partly to keep it contemporary. But maybe more because I have some comments on the state of the world. And expressing it through such a soft-spoken craft might emphasise the message. Who knows? I´ll share it with you as I finish them


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By spotogspindel | September 15, 2020

It´s been a trying year. I am usually an optimist, but this year has put things to the test sometimes when things just seem to be falling apart. A friend of mine wrote the other day: 2020 – the year that keeps on taking…

So if 2020 had a logo, this would be it. It will be part of the STING-exhibition in Osterøy Museum in October.


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